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iHome iP76 LED Color-Changing Speaker Indulges Your Love For Pretty Colors

Music simply isn’t a similar whilst not numerous flashing colors for traveling it, right? iHome iP76, a minimum of, looks to visualize therefore. Its first Glow tunes speaker tower, the brand new iP76, comes jam-clogged with LED in seven completely different hues that could fade, pulse or strobe as the playlist needs. The 3-feet iP76 sports a pier for the apple iPhone or iPod device and packs four loudspeakers with Reson8 technology. There’s but also Bluetooth for streaming from different products. The iP76 can prolong purchase for $200 in This summer. Already fantasizing regarding all of the sonic light-weight shows you’ll host?

Whenever we first saw the apple iphone ad, all of us thought we’d never need to buy another product to savor our music. Boy! How much of an illusion that switched to be! Much like every other product produced through the large evil companies who simply want to earn money by selling people items that need these to buy much more items in the same line to savor the very first purchase, the apple iphone too switched to one particular allegedly all-encompassing device that sadly does not satisfy us simply by itself.

iHOME iP76 LED Color Changing Speaker Tower

iHome iP76 LED Color

The iHOME iP76 Brought Color Altering Speaker Tower is essentially a 3 ft tall speaker managing a quartet of Reson8 high end loudspeakers that allegedly seem much better than the surround unit you have. Because of Bluetooth connectivity, you are able to connect your music playing tower with just about any player in your apple iphone, smartphone, laptop, sound system and whoever else.

Integrated component video results result in the tower suitable for your TV too while its 16 multi-color Brought groupings provide you with a modern undertake the shiny disco ball effect right inside the comfort of your house. The pulsing and sensational iHOME iP76 Brought Color Altering Speaker Tower is placed to create a debut in This summer this season at $199.99.

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