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Will Indoor Grow Projects Consume Higher Energy?

Growing plants indoors is very popular for many reasons such as climate, power consumption and grow environment control. Due to the weather conditions, growers in many states prefer to grow plants indoors, in pot cultivations, which consume energy the power grid. Indoor growing can use up a great deal of power because growers try to keep the temperature stable through air conditioning, LED grow lights are a great solution to mitigate the high energy consumption associated with older indoor grow lights because they are very efficient and give off very little heat.

Per each square foot of plants, there is an approximate need of 200 Watts of power or electricity, which is almost equivalent to a data center. For commercial growers this can be something stressful, because they end up spending more in other equipment that would help to ensure the grow space is able to maintain a stable environment for the growth of plants. They need to ensure that plants also receive optimum light, which can affect the growth of plants, ensuring better yields.

Indoor Grow Projects Consume Higher Energy

LED Grow Lights- The Smart Choice for Growers

When it comes to growing plants at a commercial level, the use of indoor quality lighting, such as Dorm Grow LED lights, allows growers to yield better crops. Compared to these lights, other options like HPS, and fluorescent lights emit stronger heat intensities, which requires growers to install high-power HVAC systems to maintain a stable indoor temperature in the grow space.

Using LED grow lights has several advantages, including the top ones like:

  1. Reducing the Cost of Power by 60%

For indoor growing at a commercial level, or even a home-based pot cultivation program, LED grow lights are the most efficient type of grow lights due to the low power consumption. These lights are made with diodes, which can be designed to output a very specific color of light. They promote healthy growth, save energy, and can boost the resin formation on plants. You can expect savings of about 50-60% on your power costs each month. Unlike other grow lightswhich produce light as a byproduct of a series of chemical reactions, LED grow lights work by passing electricity through  diodes to give off different colors of light. These lights waste little or no energy at all. Through a narrow spectrum, they emit light directly, so there’s no wastage of power and plants absorb the light directly, ensuring the best yields.

  1. Growing in Any Season Is Easier

Using LED lights for indoor growing is often a preferred choice by growers because of their year-round growing capability. This also means that a large scale grower will not need to worry about the weather or the season in their region/state. During winter, when otherwise it would seem like an impossible task to grow plants, LED grow lights allow growers to cultivate indoors with ease. These lights make it easier for large-scale indoor growers to handle the growth of their indoor plants. When you have targeted light spectrums and supplemental lighting, this works a lot more like solarenergy and gives enough light to the plants.

  1. Better and Lush Yields

Installing LED grow lights gives growers the chance to alter and create some special proprietary formulas and recipes for the indoor plants, which in return helps to bring out the best possible characteristics of the plants. Agricultural and scientific research also shows that targeting the spectrum of light can have beneficial effects on plant growth. This means each color of light helps the plant in some way or the other. For example, plants in their vegetative stages need red, blue, and violet light spectrums. Other spectrum such as ultraviolet, orange and infrared each have their own unique properties that benefit the plant during the various stages of its growth.

With LED lights, the peak emissions are all ideal for a vast array of plants.  The altering wavelengths that go in LED grow lights have a great impact on plants. They help to promote the yield of plants, while increasing the aroma and flavor.

Turning to LED grow lights is definitely a choice you will appreciate. Make sure that you research well before you invest in them. Ask manufacturers any questions you have in mind to ensure that you make a well-informed decision. Using these lights will help you to save, and grow healthy plants.

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