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Inspiration for Building your New Home

There are many advantages to building a new home. While it may be easier to simply buy an established house and move in and start living after the 60 day settlement, does that really make it feel like home? In the initial stages of your planning process, ask yourself important questions, such as; what type of home do my family and I want or need? Will buying an established house around the corner really provide the facilities and homely presence you require? When building your new home, you may find your dream home from a real estate listing that will be perfect for you, your family and comprise of all the amenities that is perfect for your ideal lifestyle; while on the other hand, it may take a little searching.

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Read on to discover how you should approach building your new home and where you can find inspiration.

Home and Land Packages

These packages boast a variety of opportunities to acquire your dream home. Save the time, money and hassle of building a custom home that may cause you council and trade problems in the process. Purchasing home and land packages allows you the freedom of dealing with the one builder. The initial opportunity is to secure a block of land with specifications that suit your circumstances. You may wish to select a larger block, so the kids have a bigger backyard, or if kids aren’t in the picture, maybe a smaller block with less yard and garden to maintain. The opportunities are endless. Once you have secured your block, you then have the exciting task of choosing your plan, from a variety of options. Plans will vary from the amount of bedrooms, size of living areas and general layout. Here you can browse, brainstorm and ask questions between your partner, friends and help from the builder to help select the ideal home.

Choosing the Fittings

Once you have the block and plan of the house confirmed, the fun part starts whilst you watch your dream home begin construction and sit back knowing everything is in good hands and your dream home is under way. In the meantime, you can peruse options for the different amenities to fit out your new home. You will have the opportunity to select preferred colours of wall paint and carpets, select from a variety of different tiles, doors designs and possibly even a choice of kitchen bench tops. Depending on the flexibility of the builder, you may also be granted the opportunity to alter or modify fixtures or windows to suit your unique preferences.

Your Dream Home

Upon completion of building your home, you will have the ideal dream house to move into with your partner, kids, friends or whoever you may live with, and have the family home feel with the house, land, facilities and amenities, all catered to suit you individual needs. Does this sound more appealing than buying an established house off a real estate listing? I sure think so!

Jason is a leading House Designer from Brisbane, Australia. Many of his designs can be seen at some of the local display homes Brisbane has to offer and he recommends checking out display homes in your local area as a great source of building inspiration.

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