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Kim Kardashian Adds $300,000 Ferrari 458 Italia to her Luxury Cars

She’s frequently found driving top of the line cars and it has been driving of all things from the Range Rover to some Bentley.But recently Kim Kardashian acquired another luxury car, this time around a Ferrari 458 Italia. The model, which Kim had selected to buy in whitened, sells from $273,9170 but it’s likely Kim’s with added extra supplies cost more than $300,000.And also the actuality star definitely appeared happy with her new vehicle as she sped from the Platinum Motorsport site in La.

Reality TV-Star and passion for our foreign back-finish man’s existence, Kim Kardashian, just acquired her wedding gift to himself – a whitened Ferrari 458 Italia. Based on Celebrity Automobiles Blog, her new love Kris Humphries may have bought it for himself, how ever none ‘beau’ nor ‘Kris Humphries’ are words you want to use when talking about the most popular E! performer.Her new Ferrari 458 Italia joins a 2010 Selection Rover HSE in her own garage. It had been personalized by the tuners Platinum Motorsport with some Agetro M140 wheels.

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