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Learn About The Vital Search Engine Ranking Parameters

A high search engine ranking automatically enhances the online reach of your business. However, have you ever wondered exactly how these search engine ranks are assigned? You might have the best-quality content on your website, and yet be nowhere to be seen – when prospective customers look on the web for the product/service you are offering. Such problems generally result from faulty SEO techniques, which, in turn, stem from inadequate knowledge about the search engine ranking parameters. We would here be focusing on some of the most important parameters that influence your search engine rank:

  • The content on your website – In the realm of online marketing, the validity of the phrase ‘content is king’ is beyond all doubts. You need to have fresh, informative and regularly updated content on your pages. If your content is relevant, targeted, free of errors and non-plagiarized, your chances of maximizing online visibility increase considerably.
  • Usage of keywords – Unless you have a judicious mix of keywords in your website name, page title, meta descriptions, inbound and outbound anchor text, and the main content bodies, visitor traffic figures are likely to remain low. However, random placement of keywords (‘keyword stuffing’) is not at all an advisable practice. You should also have keywords in the ALT text for the images on your web pages.
  • Nature of backlinks – Regular link-building has a lot to do with promoting your business over the web. The overall quality and topicality of the websites/individual web pages linking to your website feature prominently among the search engine ranking parameters. If you have a citation on popular online resources, like Wikipedia, that also helps in getting a favorable rank. Having links from leading social media websites and bookmarking websites is also considered to be of essence.
  • Site-wide parameters – These include a lot of factors, including the total number of pages included in your website, whether ‘duplicate’ content is being used on the different pages, and the nature of the Robots.txt file of the website. Presence of an XML sitemap is also important. If you update/edit your website on a regular basis, that can also have a favorable impact on your search engine rank.
  • Features of the web pages – The loading time and uniqueness of the pages, also play an important role. The number of internal as well as external links present on any page also has a significant role to play in its overall popularity on the web.

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Apart from the above factors, there are certain issues related to your website architecture, and the dependability of the web server you are using, which have an influence on your search engine rank. Spamming, usage of hidden texts, and other such ‘black hat SEO’ techniques can lead to penalties being imposed – which can pull down your ranking. Find out more about the latest search engine ranking parameters, and make sure that your website does not violate any of them.

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