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Luxuries on the Cheap

Many of the goods and services that the rich take for granted, and that you would never consider, are within your grasp, with a little imagination and planning.

Spa and Beauty treatments: If you can afford to be flexible, you can take the spot of one of the uber pampered who just cancelled. Try, where you can get a facial that is worth as much as $150 for just $90, if you are willing an able to come in the very next day.

Spa and Beauty treatments

Events and experiences: For daily online specials offering anything from wine tasting to cooking lessons, log onto, a site which aggregates over 800 sources for businesses that are running events you may want to attend, and on the cheap, at that. How about a $350 skin treatment for $99?  Another great site for unusual deals is Recent offerings included a bar crawl in Baltimore’s Fell’s point for $10, or two hours of bartending instructions for $29 instead of $70.

events and experiences

Designer clothing: One of the best bargains in the world, and it also makes you feel good about recycling, is a consignment shop. We are not talking Salvation Army second hand stores (although you can get great weathered jeans there), but shops that carry upscale, name brand merchandise that their former owners already wore once, and God forbid, can’t be seen in again. Especially near the upscale suburbs (think Westchester or the North Shore of Long Island, Chevy Chase near Washington, D.C.), you can find these “cast offs” of high quality, well known brands that are new to you, anyway.

Designer clothing

Knockoffs: A real Hermes scarf will cost upwards of $350, but if you stroll the aisles of the shops that sell them, you can note the colors and patterns that are popular. Now head downtown and see if you can find a perfectly good silk scarf by an unknown manufacturer at a 10th of the price. Hint: if you own an Hermes scarf, the secret is to fold it so the logo on the corner shows. Wear yours so the corners are tucked, and everyone will have to guess about the logo.

Pair up: Manicures and pedicures are expensive and so is salon hair coloring. But do it yourself looks, well, do it yourself. The best way to get a rich looking mani-pedi, is to have someone else do it.  But does that someone else have to work in a spa? Pool your resources and you and a friend can buy great cuticle treatments, polish and sealers and give each other salon quality nail treatments. Hair color? A friend and I have been touching up each other’s hair for years, and have to be very evasive when we are asked where we get our coloring done.

The rich ARE different than you and me-they spend too much on their luxuries!

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