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Luxurious and Functional Bathtub

Here’s  very unusual and attractive a bath tub. Bath tub is luxurious Bathtub both in form as well as in function. In this bath, you will get from the stress of existence. Bath encourages all five senses and calms them!

An impression interface allows you make your own mixtures of lighting, sounds and aromatherapy. Choose among the available wellness programs (relaxing, energetic, fun, tropical pleasure) or make your own and commit to memory it. Integrated containers give you a peek at character when involving within the bath tub. You may create a mix of your preferred flowers and plants, for example orchid flowers and ferns. Hidden taps and shower provide a sense of perfect, all-in-one structure.

luxury bathtubs

luxurious bathtubs

Luxurious and Functional Bathtub

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