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Luxurious Furnitureland South Fish Tank Bed Reviews

American furniture manufacturer «Furnitureland South» presented a conceptual model of a double bed, connected to a single complex with an aquarium. Bold design headboard in a 2460 liter tank capacity, in which swim a variety of exotic fish, impressing everyone who decide to sleep under that body of water. But you can enjoy the swimming fishes. The underwater world in your bedroom. Bed-tank of «Furnitureland South»

Jamestown-based Furnitureland South is going to be featured on Animal Planet’s “Tanked” series at 9 p.m. Saturday. The organization labored with stars from the show to produce a 650-gallon head board tank that’s presently displayed at Furniture Land South’s new Sleep land building. The 11,000-square-feet sleepland beds, featuring beds, lately opened up. For additional particulars, see Friday’s News & Record.

furnitureland south fish tank bed

Wayde and Brett get to America’s furniture capital, New York, to satisfy with Furnitureland South’s proprietors, Jason and Shaun Harris. When Jason and Shaun request a peaceful and tranquil tank for that store’s bedding section, Wayde and Brett discover you do not reach run a furniture empire without getting a couple of crazy ideas. While one brother requests a peaceful and tranquil tank to occupy the bedding section, another wants a “loud tank that does not scream.” Jason and Jeff’s different visions for that aquarium finish up making Wayde and Brett’s heads spin. Later, on another job, Wayde and Brett uncover these kinds of demands keep moving in whenever a client requests a huge, floating spade tank for his tattoo parlor. With tattoo guns buzzing and motorcyclists arriving and from the shop, who owns Black Spade Tattoo Parlor wants a fish tank that produces a peaceful atmosphere and relieves any worries ink newcomers might have. Wayde and Brett decide to use and discover their very own Zen place to go into the best mindset as well as go so far as looking at a yoga class for ideas. Regrettably for Wayde and Brett, they find these tranquil tanks leave them not even close to relaxed.

luxury furnitureland south beds

furnitureland south

furnitureland south tank bed

furnitureland south aquarium

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