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Luxurious Nendo Bathroom Collection for Bisazza Bagno

Released in the Fuorisalone in Milan in April, the Nendo Collection may be the latest bathroom vary from Bisazza Bagno. Created by Japanese design studio Nendo, the brand new collection captures the pure aesthetic and delicate lines of Nendo’s signature style, lending a feeling of understated sophistication and polish towards the bathroom. Each bit from the collection, in the bath tub towards the sinks, drawers, mirrors and much more, seems to become “enveloped” inside a box, a style that runs with the collection.

The Nendo Collection Fuorisalone 2012 Installation photo

The Nendo Collection also sees Bisazza’s first utilization of larch wood.  The clean, minimalist lines from the Nendo designs are balanced through the warmth from the golden larch wood. When paired together within the Nendo Collection the heat and also the minimalism produce a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere. The gathering also features numerous add-ons, including vases, clocks, shelves and mirrors.

nendo bathroom

Talking about his collection for Bisazza, Nendo founder Oki Sato states: “Previously, Japanese lavatories were a spot for communication. Families bathing together, in addition to public baths, were common until couple of decades ago. Now, the bathing experience is becoming very private and functional, even just in Japan. The gathering envisions the bathing atmosphere to be really private and functional, but getting the feeling of ‘gathering’. A quiet yet comfortable space that allows you to talk with yourself, similar to the traditional tea rooms in Japan.”

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Bisazza Bagno The Nendo Collection

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