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Luxurious Vivid Yellow Bathroom Vanity With Curvaceous Lines

A part of Cerasa’s 2011 Suede collection, this contemporary Bathroom Vanity cheers in the surrounding space and gives a happy, existence-loving atmosphere towards the bathroom. Merged with African-inspired bathroom design, the current bathroom vanity composes a mysterious, almost surreal scenery. Exhibiting curvaceous lines and quality finished, it forces your hands to create the area around it with consideration because of its simple, neat and elegant design. Many washbasin options are for sale to be sure that your bathroom may have the precise feel you would like it too. The whole collection features  physiques, drawers and doorways constructed of chestnut and obtainable in seven different colors – gem, turtledove gray, cacao, tobacco, gray, aubergine and gas. Using the handles formed in to the doorways for any maximum modern effect, the yellow bathroom vanity is just one of Cerasa‘s most striking designs.

luxury Bathroom Vanity

luxury Bathroom Vanity design

Luxurious Vivid Yellow Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity by Cerasa

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