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Luxury Home Amenities

From the twenty four karat gold mosaic swimming pool tiles at hearst castle in san simeon California to the dedicated gift wrapping room candy selling’s. One hundred fifty million dollars Beverly hills estate it’s almost impossible to fallon such features actually exist in someone’s home. in over a high end properties extreme home features are also customized to satisfy the owners preferences around both form and function.

Inside Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle

hearst castle san simeon

hearst castle overlook

Hearst Castle indoor pool


For example of this two point eight million dollar Austin texas home owner didn’t want to be landlocked. So they built a home on the banks of Lake Austin and then bill the custom pool with its own beach and a seven foot log held side leveling menace cantilever it into space with the walls of windows on one hand. that enhances swimmer sense of height it’s like swimming in the air perhaps they were just trying to keep up with their neighbors on the other side of lake Austin.

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This home with is currently listed of sale at six point two million dollars was inspired by a European monastery. but that’s not even the extreme keys instead of walking or driving down to the lake these homeowners built in two hundred foot wouldn’t steal suspension bridge across the red bean the leads directly to their private boat house.

Luxury Weston Boathouse Luxury Weston Bridge Luxury Weston Pool

And some homes look extreme features are centered less around function and more on the good life. When you enter this historic farmhouse in Morristown New Jersey which is currently on the market. It just under nine million dollars you walk in under a seriously beautiful stained gall dome. but once inside things go from serious business to the serious fun they can be had at the homes of regulation tooling bowling alley.

And even cando owners can get in on the act when it comes to extreme home features this eight million dollar dallas texas penthouse. Is architecturally stunning throughout but this homes most extreme feature is actually outside the cherry on top of this penthouse. Is a massive four thousand square foot we’ve talked Terrence that takes the concept of home entertainment to an entirely new level. With features like a pool, Theaters, ties movie screening are and kept this and elevator to and from the homes living areas.

Realistic professionals often advise homeowners not too overly customize our homes because it limits the pool of interested buyers for resale. Political line of luxury homes landing on the market extreme home features and amenities that packing stream appeal can actually make one ounce standout from all the competition.

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