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Luxury Woven Tower for Dubai

The amazing design for Woven Tower is designed for a place in Dubai by Giuseppe Farris and Stefan Schoning. The suggested framework is designed to catch several factors of Arabic culture: its tribe community and the trans-regional business. The building’s overall look represents the time frame hand which, along with fruit and fronds keep be an important product in Dubai’s daily routine.

The twining system of the building’s external at the same time symbolizes the system of business and industry tracks that have, through record, came and left from Dubai. The external also remember the tribe record and tells of the powerful system of tribe organizations that has given Dubai’s community its primary communication. Functionally, the building’s internal carries on this party of the tribe foundation of Dubai identification. At walk out, it is an start framework, hence representing the welcome of the Dubai people and alluring all to get into. Guests may find at different levels outside and inside the framework different types of majlis. Take a look!

Woven Tower

Woven Tower for Dubai

luxury Woven Tower

luxury Woven Tower for Dubai

Impressive Woven Tower

Impressive Woven Tower for Dubai

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