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Making a Home a Child’s Safe Haven

Parenting is arguably the most magical experience that humans go through in their lives. It’s also one of the most difficult challenges on Earth, as there are many phases throughout childhood that present various risks and obstacles.

                A staple of childhood is the home. Children spend a lot of time in the residence of their caretaker, and it’s imperative that the household is a safe environment so that a boy or girl can prosper to their fullest potential. Below I explain certain areas of the house that a parent should focus on in order to ensure a successful parenting campaign. If you are a parent, any advice is good advice when it comes to taking care of those you love most.

1.     Child’s bedroom.

The home within the home, your child’s bedroom should be a safe refuge. Their bed should be comfortable, low to the ground and away from any windows. There should not be any accessories like a large lamp on their bedside table, because they can fall and cause harm. Due to night terrors and other issues, anything that can fall down should be distant from the sleeping area. Avoiding a door that can lock from the inside and having a night light are two additional techniques to safe proof a child’s room.

A child’s bedroom should be the safest place they ever venture in their life. When they are not able to look after themselves, it’s important for you as a parent to provide them with a nest of security and comfort. Make sure they truly feel at home when they are in their bedroom, while also being safe from any hazards.

2.     Bathroom.

As a child grows up in your home, they will obviously frequent the bathroom extremely often. Because of this, it needs to be safe. There should be no appliances within reach or plugged in within the bathroom that your child uses. Water and appliances are one of the most dangerous combinations when child safety is concerned. Don’t even let it be an option. Put them away or move them to another bathroom, if you have one.

It’s also a good idea to get temperature-regulating faucet devices for any tap that your child will be accessing. Especially when they are unsupervised, faucets with no temperature limit can cause severe burns. Water often goes unnoticed as a hazard when temperature is concerned, but it’s time for this to change.

The bathroom that your child frequents should be a safe and controlled environment. Set them up to cleanse themselves, whilst eliminating any possibility of harm.  A child will have many contact hours with the bathroom they use, which increases the chances of an accident.

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3.     Kitchen

A kitchen is a staple of American households, but it also represents an area chalk full of hazards when children are concerned. First off, all knives and sharp objects should be out of reach and off of the counter. Any alcohol should be stored away from sight and out of reach. It’s a safe choice to have all appliances unplugged when not in use with the goal of preventing electrocution.

Kitchens are home to many appliances and even more sharp objects. Just be wary of this area of your house, as it’s easy to forget when you utilize the area so frequently. Even if your child seems comfortable in and around the kitchen, it’s important to eliminate any risks that you can.

4.     Yard.

Most children spend many hours frolicking about within the confines of their family’s yard. Although this is a necessary part of childhood, many children are injured or killed just outside their house each year. It’s important to avoid letting young children play in a yard near a road unsupervised. Similarly, if there is a swing set or another similar yard accessory, be wary of it. The dangers of any situation are increased when a child is involved because they often lack the ability to critically think about a decision before acting upon it.

A yard is a place where your child will frequent, and it deserves extra attention when safety is concerned. The fact that there is usually direct access to the public and to roadways just outside the yard perimeter makes this area of the house particularly important.

Having children is an unbelievable privilege that many fortunate people get to experience. However, there are many obligations that come with being a parent. One is safe proofing a house in order to foster a secure environment for children. As a parent, it’s your job to do the best you can when it comes to making your house a safe haven for your child.

Naomi Broderick is a professional writer who’s secure in her abilities and even more confident in her parenting. When she’s not juggling her three children in the front yard she writes for, a leader in home security systems.

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