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Mexico Land of Diverse Architectural Influences

While travelers and tourists to Mexico see the central American country as one giant monolith rather Mexico is an amalgam – a combination and loose alloy of different cultures and groups of peoples and even nations.  This can well be seen in the various historical expressions of different architecture and architectural styles seen across the Mexican country and countryside itself.

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Alternates to Mexican Baroque Churrigueresque Layouts – Mudejar Stylings:

Tourists and  Mexican residents alike may have well been engrossed by the rich extravagant “Baroque” styles and styling they come across to gawk at.  The ultimate expression of Mexican baroque styling can be said to be the “Churrigueresque”  layouts.   Yet another form widely used in Mexico , during the same time period as Churrigueresque creations , is referred to and known as “mudejar” being derived from European history and the Spanish Moors and Moorish culture itself.  This “Mudejar style” can also be said to favor lavish decoration.   Those that admire this styling of Mudejar influence and Moorish cultural background effect , will spot that overall its a case of interior and exterior areas of architecture and building design being plastered overall with colored tiles.   The Mexican city and regional area of Puebla is particularity noted  for churches with these intricate tiled designs.   Next in line is a secular example – the “Casa de los Azulos”  ( English translation being “House of Tiles” “) in Mexico City itself.


Examples  of Well Known Mexican Mudejarian Architectural Examples:

Interestingly this architectural example of this Mudejarian style – the “Casa de los Azulos” – was initially and originally constructed as a mansion itself.  For many years now it has been occupied and serves since 1919 by a Sanborn’s restaurant of good  and renowned fame.


End of the Colonial Period With More Restrained Neoclassical Architecture Style:

Yet after the excesses of the Mexican Churrigueresque expressions something so to speak “had to give”.  It was all to a good degree just “too much” , too exceptional and just too vivid and even overwhelming to many .  It might be said that the end of the “colonial period”  saw a return to more restrained architectural styles and styling in the Mexican environs with what might be described as more restrained neoclassical style itself.  Yet even then the newer styles did not take over immediately and due to practical logistics sometimes more than a century of time itself passed  before work was completed fully and in total.   Hence as a result it can be said that influences overlapped  particularly on the larger Mexican cathedrals.

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In Mexican Buildings Varying Styles Often Overlap to Give Unique Mexican Designs & Styles:

It can be said that Mexico is not one single country or even one culture.  This is also true in terms of architectural influences and examples that both visitors , tourists and local  Mexican citizens all enjoy when it come to the admiration of Mexican architecture and building designs.

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Sylvia Playant

Morelos lives to tour the Mayan Temple ruins at Chichen Itza expounding their wonders to tourists , travelers , visitors to the Yucatan regions of  Mexico. Indeed even friends admit that of all their Mexican acquaintances Morelos is the Mayan expert.  Yet other visitors to Cancun & the surrounding Mexican Riviera just want to veg out at their lodgings in Puerto Morelos or frequent the beach & bar scene. Even though its a fair hike from Cancun Sylvia will insist that her dog Negra will tell you its worth the trek to Chechen Itza

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