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Millionaire’s Bingo

You will struggle to find a person who hasn’t wondered. Who hasn’t at least entertained the idea of winning the lottery, or coming into an unexpected inheritance. How many times have you wondered?

“What would I buy if I was a millionaire?”

luxury homes

Sports Car
This is often the top of people’s lists. Dreams of owning a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche are loud and clear in the minds of those who wonder. We only have to take a look at some famous millionaires and the cars that they drive. Footballers tend to favour luxury 4x4s, to complement their masculinity.

Low slung coupés like the Lamborghini Diablo and the monolithic Bugatti Veyron are rarer to find, but all the more desirable for it. Owning one of these fantastic cars is a status symbol, before anything else. With speed limits and high fuel prices, they’re definitely not bought for their practicality on the school run!

luxury sports cars

Luxury House & Pool
Some millionaire’s choose the expensive New York penthouses, or the London apartments; but the real style comes in the mansions. A vast swathe of land surrounding a luxury house complete with swimming pool is a far greater status symbol than the Mercedes! Which celebrity couple really need 6 bathrooms split between 19 bedrooms?

Luxury houses are all about “living the dream”. If you can wake up and look out of your window without seeing another soul, and you can hear the swimming pool gently splashing in the breeze then you’ll always be reminded of your success (or luck!)

luxury diamond rings

Clothes and Jewellery
It’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on disposable items. Clothes get stained or worn, jewellery can get lost. The beauty of being a millionaire is in being able to chalk this off as easily as you or I would opt for the more expensive cappuccino as a treat. The diamond encrusted watch enclosed in gold sheets is a constant reminder of your wealth, heavy on your wrist and displaying to everybody that you’re a high flyer.

Being able to model the latest catwalk fashion puts you a step ahead of the general public. Spending thousands on a dress might seem ludicrous, but if you can justify it then why wouldn’t you? As overpriced as the latest fashion is, you’re often getting great design on expensive material that will last much longer than high street lines.

When it comes down to it, practicality is rarely at the forefront of millionaire minds. The list of purchases that the rich and famous rack up is based around status symbols, to remind them – and everybody else – of their success.

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