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Most Lavish Hotels in the Maldives

Devoid of cliché ‘white sand’ and ‘crystal clear azure-water’ descriptions,

Add together all the clichés you can think of (here’s a few to get you started: crystal-clear waters, unspoiled white-sandy beaches etc), multiply them by 7 nights in a four poster king-size bed and view them in HD colour and your outcome may be close to the tropical paradise of the Seychelles. Brimming with love for the Maldives, we decided to channel our HQ gushings into a useful list of the most lavish hotels on offer at the Indian Ocean’s version of Elysian Fields. Well… what other way is there to enjoy hazy days of sunshine, cocktails and relaxation then in style!


What makes Naladhu resort so lavish (aside from the resort’s plush yacht, personal therapists tailoring your every relaxation need at the spa and personal menus and dining options) are the private houses that will become your ridiculously lavish home-away-from-home (if your bedroom leads out onto a deck where a pine couch delicately swings from the ceiling in the evening breeze and your garden is home to an infinity pool that glistens enticingly under the palm trees). You have a choice here between Beach House’s and Ocean Houses’, both equally as luxurious, but offering you views of either the endless Indian Ocean or the melting beach sands. From the moment you slide out of bed in the morning and engulf yourself in a bathrobe so fluffy it puts freshly hatched Chicks to shame, you’ll be in the Maldivian vacation heaven.  Spacious yet intimate, your holiday home encompasses cosy corners for diary scribbling or novel indulging, walk-in closets for indulging in Sex and the City penthouse fantasies and a whole host of other goodies like 300-thread count cotton bed linens to see you gently on your way to dreamland. And the pool, the mosaic floored pool, puts midnight dips under the stars on the cards every night, simply slide open the floor to ceiling windows of your bedroom and slide yourself into the cool in summer and crisp in winter waters. Make sure to assess where the boundaries between the blue waters of your pool and the sea are, otherwise you’ll end up with a nasty case of bruised knees as you try and glide between the two.

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Coco Palm Bodu Hithi

When we think of Coco Palm Bodu Hithi resort we think of slipping our flip flops off, perching on the edge of the sun deck and sliding languorously into the calming blue of the infinity pool. We think of dining under the stars at the al fresco ‘Breeze’ restaurant, shovelling BBQ’d delicacies into our mouths without worrying anyone will see us (aside from the sea creatures), as the evening rolls in. Hidden away on the island of Bodu Hithi in the North Male Atoll, this resort can only be reached by luxury speedboat (how much more lavish does lavish get?) and is a labyrinth of sandy walkways and coconut trees, surrounded by a border of endless turquoise sea. A range of accommodation is available here but our favourite is the Escape Water Residence, set apart from the rest of the lavishness in a little water villa resort of its own, on platforms over the sea. Not only does this palatial residence come with a butler, it comes with a whole team of style hosts who are on hand to make sure that your stay is totally carefree. So we suggest heading out to the sundeck to throw your cares into the wind now they aren’t needed, before settling down for some unadulterated ‘you’ time.

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The W Retreat and Spa

Cast away in the sultry, turquoise waters of the exotic Indian Ocean at the W Retreat and Spa, making it onto our ‘Most Lavish’ list due to its plush oval, four poster day beds on your private sundeck, next to your private pool and all located in the back garden of your Beach Oasis Retreat. The W family are known worldwide for their luxury retreats and the Maldives member certainly upholds its ancestor’s good name! A seemingly endless list of water sports, including diving tours of a nearby wreck, are on offer here meaning every day will have something new and exciting in store (if you can bear to drag yourself from soaking up the sunshine on your private viewing deck that is). The W also has a nifty little nightclub literally under its belt, giving you exclusive access to the only underground nightclub in the Maldives at 15BELOW with its international DJs, cool vibes and 95 varieties of Vodka. Dance the nights and lounge the days away in a delicious sanctuary of intimate luxury. Lavishness personified.

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The Beach House Waldorf Astoria

Imagine floor to ceiling windows merging the elegant chic of your room with the endless rippling blue of the sea, broken only by the line of the crystal clear sky. Imagine strolling through lush landscaped gardens to indulge in a morning of tennis or a lazy afternoon curled up on your sunbed, novel in hand and smile on face.  The Waldorf Astoria doesn’t disappoint with their Beach House property, but don’t be fooled by the name, we’ve never seen a beach house where infinity pools come as standard, vast wine cellars come piled high with internationally acclaimed bottles ready to decanter and sip at sunset. Nor have we ever seen a beach house that comes with its own team of staff to cater to your every whim and where a meander through the garden leads to a luxury spa. In short, the only complaint you’ll have about this place is having to leave!

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Todays guest post is by Matt Coe. He works with Wanderforth Luxury Holidays and shares travel tips and stories on blogs.

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