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Moving Tips: Pre-packing Process

According to the moving companies packing should undoubtedly understood as a part of the general moving process, however treated as a separate must-do. From the effectiveness of your packing will depend how much money you will pay moving companies for your move, or how much effort you will spend for loading and unloading the moving truck. So regardless of whether your hire experts from moving companies or decide to pack all your belongings personally, basics of the efficient packing process should be bear in your mind. In order to help you perform everything fast and with the least effort we created some basic information about the effective packing.

First Things First

Before you get down to the business of actual packing, make sure that you have everything you need to pack mentioned in the inventory. Inventory is a list of all your belongings that you want to move. Experts from moving companies say that creation of the inventory is essential if you would like the move to go easy and smooth. Some main reasons of creating an inventory are listed below:

Moving Tips

1) With the properly created inventory you will be able to sort all the items, according to moving experts. For example, if you will look for moving companies you will always have an inventory of your belongings so that nothing is missing after the move or broken. Inventory is advised to be created by the client him- or herself first and then compared to the moving companies’ one. Inventory will show you the scale of work to be done and make it easier to plan packing before the moving day.

2) Secondly, inventory can help during the packing itself. Moving companies representatives create one inventory and use it during the whole moving process in order to save time when packing. During the packing you can put some marks or number on things in the inventory that have already been packed and also write down which box each item belongs to. In this way the unpacking process will be much faster at a new place.

3) The last benefit and importance of the inventory list is connected to the final stage of the moving. When moving companies deliver all your items to a new place, you can use your inventory list in order to see that everything was delivered and that everything is ok.

Second Things Second

After you have created the fill inventory of your belongings it is just the right time to go through it again and cross out the items you do not need to pack and move. Remember that the more things you can get rid of the easier packing will be. Experts from moving companies advise get rid of everything you have not been touching for more than a year and then the packing will be easy and effective, and cheap!

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