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Getting a Perfect Wedding Planner

Engagement is all about happy moments, but what follows after that is anxiety – to plan a perfect wedding! And as the clock starts ticking and the days pass by, finding florists, photographers, caters etc makes you more nervous, and you begin to think that you miss out on something.

But wait a minute. You don’t need to do it all by yourself, nor does anyone in your family. There are professionals who specialize in taking care of such events. Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about wedding planners.

So what is it that a professional wedding planner does?

The answer to it in plain English is – A wedding planner ensures that all the wedding arrangements are done correctly.

Let’s explore their role in detail-

  1. They help you in setting up budget, which is realistic and gets you the best value.
  2. Find top DJs, caterers, and other vendors in your budget, since wedding planners undertake lots of wedding, you can expect to get deep discounts in rates.
  3. Going over the vendor contracts and make sure that it is all aligned to your interests, after all by getting a wedding planner, we would want to delegate everything to the planner and enjoy the wedding.
  4. Handling invitations, and end to end task, like wording, graphics and everything that a perfect wedding invitation for your budget must have.
  5. Having contingency plans in place, including those for emergencies.
  6. Handling you to suggest and plan an ideal honeymoon, including destination.

 It isn’t really difficult for you to handle it all yourself, however getting a professional helps, and the hassle it saves you from, is really worth a their fee.

Perfect Wedding Planner

So if you all set to get a wedding planner, make sure you do take below steps before hiring a wedding planner:

  1. Ensure you get list of professionals and get the best rate, compare their fees and services they offer. And don’t be deluded in thinking that professionals that charge high rates are the best.
  2. Look for their reviews and insist for references, especially check for any negative references and see where they missed out, if there is something that they are consistently mishandling then you might just not want to work with them.
  3. Prepare a few questions, specific to your wedding, and ask them questions, as many as you like. Ask them about location, wedding theme, ceremony, music to flavors, almost everything, and only get them aboard if their idea resonates with you.
  4. Conduct a background check, because it is important to know whom you are trusting with once in a lifetime event like this.

A wedding can be perfect if you take great care in getting great professionals, who are detailed and come with handy experience. While asking your neighbor or going through yellow pages can be a good bet, it is probably far from the best.

You can get an app called UrbanClap which is available both on android and apple smart phones, which we believe is a great spot to look for professionals, the app works on a much publicized algorithm that gets you only the most relevant professionals.

What strikes us most about this app is that it is a kind of free and neutral marketplace, that doesn’t dock any fee from the providers, thereby making it easier for them to lower their rates, moreover, since the entire idea revolves around bidding, it makes easier for you to get most competitive rates.

You can also have a word with the provider by calling them, so that you get a detailed idea. Moreover UrbanClap app has an in app rating feature that helps you find the best professional. Urbanclap Company is doing very well for making uncomplicated trying to find any greatest marriage adviser.

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