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Pretty Green – The Return of a Classic

It doesn’t look like Liam Gallagher will be looking back in anger at his decision to start a fashion label. His brainchild Pretty Green has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2009 and now boasts 12 stores in the UK and in July 2012 opened its first international outlet in Tokyo, Japan. Gallagher has said he didn’t start the brand to make money he simply wanted to produce clothing in the styles that he wanted to wear and was finding it difficult to source. He has clearly stumbled across a gap in the market and doubtless made a mint in the process!

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What’s In a Name?

Pretty Green was launched in 2009 with online sales only. The name suggests that the brand has environmental concerns. In fact the name was taken from the title of a Paul Weller song which was about money. The title references the colour of pound notes! Ironic for a brand whose creation evidently had nothing to do with making a profit! The connection with Paul Weller was also a stylistic one as the collection from day one showed mod influences with classical casual wear for men in quality materials and with an excellent finish.

The Collection

The Pretty Green range is produced in conjunction with celebrated tailor Nick Holland and in its first year won the Drapers Menswear Label of the Year award. The collection includes the Green Label for casual wear and the Black Label for more formal attire and now features shirts, T shirts, jackets, parkers, footwear, knitwear, suits and accessories. July 2010 saw the opening of the very first store in London’s Carnaby Street. The grand opening of the 2000 square foot premises included celebrity appearances from Gallagher himself, his wife Nicole Appleton and actor Rhys Ifans. In 2011 the Manchester store was targeted during the riots with Gallagher expressing his gratitude that it was not burned down!


Pretty Green has made excellent use of the latest retail technology by introducing a mobile store with the Simply Tap function. This innovation allows customers, once registered, to complete purchases, pay securely and arrange delivery with just one tap of their mobile phone. The arrival of the technology has seen a huge increase in the brand’s online sales to parallel the high street expansion.


In 2011 there was a new addition to the label’s collection in the shape of a range of suits by none other than Paul Weller! The design of the pieces is heavily influenced by the styles of the late 60’s and early 70’s with an emphasis on great cut and excellent fit. In a sideways move away from the mod influence of previous seasons and the Weller suit range, the Pretty Green Autumn/Winter 2012 collection has been revealed as taking its influence from the style fostered by the Rolling Stones during the making of their 1971 album “Exile on Main Street”. So what will come next? Well Gallagher has expressed an interest in developing a children’s wear range as a result of his sons’ interest in his clothing and there is talk of an offering for woman too. Not bad for a brand which appears to have been started as an act of self- indulgence!

Sally S writes on a wide range of topics including sports, travel and fashion. A child of the 60’s, Sally remembers the ‘mod’ styling reflected in the Pretty Green brand.

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