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Professional Carpet Cleaning VS DIY

Carpet cleaning can either be done by a professional or you can as well do-it-yourself (DIY). Lots of arguments have risen on the best carpet cleaning option available, as some individuals argue that professional carpet cleaning is far too expensive compared to the DIY option. It’s a big misconception however to have a better grasp of the subject you have to, first of all, identify the difference between both carpet cleaning options in order to arrive at a more objective conclusion.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

When you undertake a DIY carpet cleaning what usually goes down is the normal carpet vacuuming and removal of stains with the aid of DIY stain removal products that you can get at local stores.

Carpet vacuuming especially when it’s done regularly could be very helpful in the maintenance and longevity of the carpet. This exercise gets rid of accumulated dust, dirt particles and microorganism that are present in the carpet, thereby not only keeping the carpet in a good state but also improving the quality of air in the home.

When removing stains from the carpet with chemical-based stain removal products, it’s advised that you observe caution so as not to damage the carpet. Most of these chemical based stain removal products are very powerful. This is why on these products pack and body you will often find instruction for its use always written in clear terms.

So in order not to end up with the wrong stain removal product that will cause damage to your carpet, it’s strongly advised that you seek the recommendation of your carpet installer on the ideal carpet cleaning method and stain removal product to purchase.

Professional Carpet Cleaning VS DIY

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Meanwhile unlike the DIY approach to carpet cleaning, professional carpet cleaners devout lots of time, money and research in order to come up with carpet cleaning procedures that would produce safe and excellent results. In addition, professional carpet cleaning outfits have on their payroll, personnel that are well trained in the use of high-end materials, products, and technology. Furthermore, this personnel boast of several years of professional experience and have dealt with numerous and severe cases of stain removals and general carpet cleaning.

So when it comes to pricing of professional carpet cleaning, it most times depends on the nature of the carpet that is to be cleaned. That’s to say, when confronted with a heavily stain carpet the cost of cleaning the carpet is expected to be higher than a normal dirty carpet. This is because more manpower, high-end stain removals, and chemical will be used to clean the heavily stained carpet.

In conclusion, although it might seem cheaper going for a DIY carpet cleaning but ask yourself this question, do I have the necessary time, skills, experience, technology, manpower, instruments, cleaning and stain removal products to give my carpet that perfect cleaning? Now pick up the gravel and be the judge!

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