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Reasons To Ship A Vehicle Instead Of Driving

There are a number of situations where a car or other vehicle will need to be moved from one location to another without the driver present. This could be because the vehicle was purchased from another region that is hundreds of miles away. It could also be because the owner is moving or must attend to another vehicle. One solution is to use car shipping. This service secures a car inside of a trailer or on the back of an open carrier. The car is then treated like cargo and transported to the final destination. The car does not operate while being moved. Car shipping through a professional service has several advantages over other methods of moving a vehicle.

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Lower Costs

The cost of car shipping is very reasonable and is often less than the other methods that could be used to get a car from one location to another. This is especially true when the car has to be moved across the country. People who choose to drive the car manually across a long distance will have to pay for fuel, tolls and other expenses. A long trip will require one or more nights in a hotel or motel while on the road, food for the driver and possibly maintenance if the car needs oil or a quick adjustment. A car shipping service charges a consistent fee that is normally lower than the cost of driving.

Protection During Transport

The chance that a car will be damaged while being shipped by a truck or train is very low. The car is protected, secured in place and removed from the normal hazards of the road. This is very different from the risk of damage that would come from driving the same distance. Driving a car for eight or more hours a day could increase the chance that the driver will make a mistake and cause an accident. Even a minor accident at the end of the day when pulling into a motel parking lot could be very costly to repair later. Additionally, the automobile will not accumulate any wear on the engine, brakes and other systems while being transported by a shipping company.


A car shipping service provides the highest level of convenience when a vehicle has to be moved a long distance. The owner does not have to take time off from work or ignore other responsibilities just to drive across the country for a few days. The shipper will pick the car up from a specific location, load it onto the transport and then deliver it directly to the door of the owner. Some companies even have customer service representatives who will provide the owner with updates about the location of the car.


Auto insurance does not always cover a vehicle that is moving from one jurisdiction to another. Acquiring some type of comprehensive temporary insurance could be very expensive and confusing. An advantage of using a car shipping company is that insuring the vehicle becomes very easy. The type of insurance that is required is simple to understand, inexpensive and will cover the car in the unlikely case that damage occurs. This is very useful for people who are transporting classic or exotic cars that have monetary value based on the condition of the vehicle.

This post was provided by Ken Warner, a car enthusiast. To protect his car when moving, he used car shipping services. He recommends Hansen’s for their expertise in vehicle transport.

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