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Refine Yourself with a Classic

Owning a car is one of the rites of passage into adult meaning that, at last, you are a fully-fledged adult.  One way to feel even more refined is to look into owning a classic car, which can make even the worst driver look flashy.

Owning a classic car is not as easy it may seem; it is not all driving amiably down country lanes and turning up to classic car shows.  Classic cars are high coveted items and buying one is often a tricky business.  First of all, you need to consider those that you live with.  If you are single, then you can choose what you want but if you have family to consider, they may not be as accepting.  Once this decision is made, you can begin browsing classic car magazines and websites.  Look at the condition of the car carefully; if you know you are not amazing at welding, then do not attempt a full on construction venture.  If a car is listed as an ‘unfinished project,’ the likelihood is you will be building the majority of it yourself.  Decide what you can realistically make up to your standards, taking financial and logistical factors into consideration.  You could potentially spend an extortionate amount of money renovating a vehicle and end up selling it for less money than it cost you, which is not advisable even if you had the time of your life doing it.  Spatial factors also need to be taken into consideration, so measure up your garage and buy a car that fits in it.

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There are a vast number of cars on the market, all vying for your attention.  There are a multitude of magazines and websites all dedicated to the genre.  Magazines such as Practical Classics and Classics are useful for those of us that do not have an awful lot of money at the ready to splurge.  If you feel like taking a risk, there are also online auction sites that deal in classic vehicles.  Before you go and view any of the classics which take your fancy, compile a list of questions before you see the owners.  Sensible queries include asking why they are selling the car, how long they have owned it and whether it comes with any history, such as MOTs and receipts.  If you research the model you are going to view thoroughly beforehand, you will be able to come up with a much more comprehensive list.  Try to arrange a viewing during the day, that way any flaws which be much more obvious.  It could also be a good idea to take an expert along with you; they can examine the vehicle extensively and hopefully spot any current issues.  Undertake an extremely good examination of the car before deciding whether or not it is for you.

When you have made your purchase, you will want to ensure that it remains in top condition.  Make regular engine checks a priority, as well as checking the tyre pressure and oil pressure over on a regular basis.  Regularly polishing the interior and exterior is a must, with rust treatment for cars also available to help guard against the elements.  In the winter, salt on the roads can cause the rusting process to begin and in the summer, ultra-violet light can also have a damaging effect.  Therefore, a clinical level of cleanliness is vital in order to keep the vehicle in good condition.  When you are washing the vehicle, keep an eye out for any scratches or chips and use a polish regularly to keep the trim looking good.  When you have undertaken these tasks, alongside all the other possible maintenance jobs, then all that is left to do it take your new purchase out for a spin.

Calvin Ford is a classic car enthusiast who understands the importance of applying a rust treatment for cars to keep them sparkling, ship-shape and shining.

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