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Roof Top Gardens: A Collaboration of Luxury and Green Living

Roof top gardens in our cities are becoming increasingly popular and are in effect ‘greening’ the urban jungles of the world. The beauty roof top gardens offer to an otherwise wasted concrete space is undeniable; flowerbeds, trees and even vegetable gardens thrive in these vertical grounds. However, urban roof top gardens also afford a degree of luxury to an apartment that may not have any outdoor recreational space. Thus, the correct roof top garden design can transform a luxury property into a home with unique grandeur, whilst simultaneously offering a more green way of living. Roof top gardens offer many benefits to the environment, so it accommodates living without the expense of excessive carbon waste. Here are a few eco friendly reasons why the luxury home owner may want to consider investing in a roof top garden.

Green Benefits

Firstly, good roof top garden design keeps your building cooler during the hot summer months. In an urban area, the artificial materials of surrounding buildings reflect the sun’s radiation, creating a ‘heat island effect’. In an urban environment, this process can increase the overall temperature of a city by seven degrees. Plants in roof top gardens absorb most of the sun’s rays, thus reducing the overall temperature. Roof top gardens will also provide a sanctuary for birds and insects, proving to be the ideal investment for the avid nature lover.

Roof top garden design also helps reduce flooding and wastewater contamination from flowing storm water. They absorb rainwater and in the process remove any pollutants through their roots systems. As well as combating water pollution, air pollution is also dramatically reduced. Plants and trees actively remove carbon dioxide from the air, helping to counteract the heavy pollution that is inevitable in large cities. It is always important to check with a roofing professional like Kent roofers before you commit.

Luxury Benefits

If you are an enthusiast in the kitchen, roof top gardens provide you with the space to grow your own organic herbs and vegetables. It will no doubt impress the guests at the dinner table. It also offers a private sanctuary for the luxury home owner, for hosting parties or for simply catching a tan. A roof top garden avoids all the annoyances of street level activity and at the same time, a roof top garden can entertain till the late hours of the morning without disturbing neighbours. Lastly, a roof top garden in London will no doubt add value to any luxury property, especially if luxurious rooftop garden ideas are incorporated into the design, such as bars or outdoor barbeque spaces.

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Dave Tucker is a freenlance writer with a keen interest in London property and environmental matters. Dave can tell you that even a few minor adjustments can turn the average luxury property for rent in St Johns Wood into a sustainable haven with minimal environmental impact.

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