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How To Select Color Combination For Your Interior Walls

What is the first step towards making the four walls of a building into a home? Painting the walls! Yes, it is the first reflection of the home owner’s mind, his first signature on his house. The colors of the interior walls compliments to entire architectural beauty, upholstery and furniture to complete the look of the interior of a house. It is invariably the most important part of interior designing.

The color you choose for interiors will influence the way your house looks. The right use of wall colors can make your house look big and spacious. Wall colors also have a profound impact on the way you feel when you enter the room. Hence it is important to educate yourself enough before you go ahead with your plans to color your interior walls.

Interior Walls

What their Wall Colors Mean To The Majority of the Indian Crowd

A newly built house is like an open canvas which is an inspiration for every house owner to bring out the artist in them. Then off course, India is a country where there are people from varied taste and preferences. Also there are people from varied class and strata of the society. For a majority of the population, just getting a distemper done is more than enough, while for some, decorative walls in their home interiors reflects their high and sophisticated sense of style. Interior wall paint manufacturers have a beautiful color solution for every house.

It is a matter of incredible fun when a family sits down to choose colors for their house. Be it a new house or getting an old house repainted, it is no less than an event for the majority of the Indian household. Every member of the house shares their own input. And it is surely the best way to get your home renovated.

So Finally When You Sit Down With The Color Palate…

Flip through the pages of home interior magazines, and a thousand of questions come up in your mind. And by the time, you have finished reading a feature or two stuffed with a whole lot of design jargons, you will be utterly confused. So let us try to decipher the most sure shot way to zero in on the perfect color combination for the interior walls of your home.

Taking Inspiration

You can take inspiration for an interior design magazine. However, whether you can follow the same color scheme depends on a lot of factors. In case you are planning the entire interior of room, you can select a particular color scheme and plan all the elements that include the upholsteries, furniture and the wall color accordingly. However, if you have to accommodate all your old assorted furniture, it is advisable to go for neutral hues.

Follow Your Heart

While choosing the wall color, give your instinct a free hand. Go for bold colors like navy blue, yellow, bright red or orange to contrast with hue like white or crème. Always choose a combination of a dark, light and a bright color as per your comfort level.

Plan The Entire Picture of The Room

It is advisable to choose your furniture, tiles and upholsteries before moving on to the color for the walls. Remember, walls act like a frame of the entire picture of a room. Follow the architectural pattern of the house and select different hues in the walls, ceiling and the trim throughout the space in a way that they complement each other in the most beautiful manner.  There are lots Wall paint supplier in India who offer you best color combinations for your room.

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