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Seven Decorative Arts for Your Home

Ward-thomasYour home is your most prized possession. It has been rightly said that a man’s house is his castle. It is a place which provides you refuge and comfort. Everyone wants to live in a large, clean and beautiful home. A clean and beautiful home makes its inhabitants feel happy. It also helps in forming a complimentary intuition in the minds of guests.

Decorative arts play a key role in the ornamentation of your home. This article discusses some of the decorative arts that could be used for home decoration:

1. Ceramic arts- Ceramic arts consist of figures, tiles, tableware and other decorative pieces made by using pottery. They are created by the expert application of heat on clay. Various ceramic arts of different shapes, sizes, paintings, designs and carvings could be used for home decoration. Ceramic arts shaped in form of figures, pots and plates are widely used for home ornamentation. These decorative arts require careful handling during relocation’s. The removal and storage companies specialize in handling ceramic arts and other decorative items.

2. Tableware- Table ware consists of the material used for serving, eating and drinking food items. This could include glasses, plates, tumblers, jars, forks, knives etc. Tableware made from glass and clay are generally used during parties and banquets.

3. Furniture- Furniture is utilized for decoration, storage, sleeping, seating and dining. Furniture items are generally made from wood, plastic and cloth. Furniture can be classified on the basis of its usage in to the following:

a. Storage- Dresser, cabinet, wardrobe, bookcase, pantry, chest, closet and nightstand are used for storage of essential household items.

b. Sleeping- Bed, Headboard and Futon are used for resting and sleeping. These play an important role in refreshing a person.

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c. Seating- Sofa, chair, bench, bean bag, settee, stool, footstool are utilized while sitting. Sofas are widely used for decorating drawing rooms and seating guests.

d. Dining- Dining table and chairs are used while taking meals. These dining tables are larger than normal tables as they are meant to be used by more than one person at a time.

e. Surfaces- Table, desk, drawing board, end table, folding table, benches are used for sitting and placing household items.

4. Hard stone carvings- These refer to precious gems and stones carved by skilled artisans. Being extremely expensive these are mostly used by very effluent people for home decoration.

5. Fretwork- Fret work refers to inter-woven ornamental designs of geometric shape. It is generally carved on wood and metals. These could be used to enhance the beauty of your drawing rooms.

6. Wallpaper- Wall papers depict mesmerizing images of gorgeous natural and man-made sights. They can also consist of images of celebrities, great men, gods etc. These relatively inexpensive decoration pieces could be pasted on the interior walls.

7. Draperies- Clothes used for covering tables, chairs and various other kinds of furniture are known as draperies. These clothes are generally full of beautiful embroidery. They are much cheaper than most of the other decorative arts.

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