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Slashing Bills with Broadband

The Internet has fundamentally changed consumer behaviors. When it first arrived in households in the mid-1990s, early adopters used it to check bank balances and pay the occasional bill online. Slow dial-up networking eventually gave way to broadband Internet access, opening up a host of new options. Now widely embraced by consumers, broadband Internet access allows users to do virtually anything online – including saving money. In fact, a recent financial analysis reveals that the potential savings broadband users could expect in 2012 reached $8870 for the year. Below are a few bills that consumers can slash by using broadband.

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  • Phone bills – Broadband Internet makes it possible to drop your expensive landline and long distance service in favor of VoIP phone service. Many VoIP providers offer rates well under $20 per month which includes unlimited long distance in the United States.
  • Postage – Still licking envelops and applying stamps to pay your bills each month? Switch to online bill paying and save on postage.
  • Newspaper subscriptions – The newspaper industry has been significantly impacted by the Internet, but many subscribers hang on to their morning rituals. However, switching to getting your news online could save you nearly $200 each year.
  • Cable TV – Broadband Internet speeds have made the delivery of full motion, HD movies over the Internet possible. Meanwhile, low-cost service providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus have arrived, giving cable television a run for its money. When paired with either a “smart TV” or an Internet streaming device such as the Roku, you can even watch Internet-streamed programming on your television. The picture quality is phenomenal, the price is attractive, and movies programming can be delivered on demand – without commercials.
  • Gasoline – With the high cost of gas, the less time you spend driving, the more money you can save. Broadband Internet access can help you reduce gas consumption in several ways. For example, instead of driving to the movies or the video rental store, you can have them delivered to your home. Instead of traveling across the country to meet a business associate, you could use Skype or another videoconferencing service. Instead of dashing from one store to the next comparison shopping, a few mouse-clicks is all it takes to find (and order) the best deal. Finally, when you do need to venture outdoors, you can use your broadband connection to find the best local prices on gas.

These are but a few of the many ways you can slash your bills with broadband. Other areas include travel, clothing, housing, and big ticket purchases. In addition to slashing your bills, you can use broadband to expand your knowledge with free lectures from major universities as well as potentially increase your income by selling goods or services online.

The Internet has changed consumer behaviors fundamentally. With the increased speed and options offered by broadband, you can change your own behaviors to your financial advantage.

Sam Jones, the author, has a great orange broadband package and uses the internet extensively to save money!

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