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Smart Multi-functional Bulb for your Mobile Phone at Gearbest

We all enjoy music and theme light along with it. However, what about if you get all these along with many others in your phone? Well, you can get all these with the iMagic E27 Bulb Smart Speaker Bluetooth 4.0. Does that sound too much? It should not as your smart phone can control the elegant looking bulb that resembles others in market. Apart from emitting LED light of your choice it can be used as Bluetooth Speaker as well. You can grab the multi-functional light bulb from

The majestic Smart Bulb can emit 16 Billion RGB LED lights of your choice. To use this bulb, all you need is APP Software and that can be downloaded with 2D Code. You can screw this bulb into the E27 socket and control it for any purpose. You have the option to search and play the music of your choice with the APP. Well, yes you can switch to the color you want for the bulb as well. You can adjust the light at any point of time. The low energy Bluetooth 4.0 speaker gives you crispy and crystal clear clarity of sound. The iMagic E27 Bulb is also equipped with intelligent memory function. You can turn your beautiful living place to smart home with the elegance presence of the light bulb.

smart home

You can turn any place to party place with soothing and adjusting light and with great piece of music. The light can be controlled with the interactive functions like Sleep Mode, Timers and others. Well, but if you have a restaurant, then you can easily use it for beautiful and desired ambience. You can even use this in your bedroom, home, cafes, parties and any other places.

However, that is not all for the iMagic E27 bulb. This can help you to create ambience of your choice anywhere, anytime with your smart phone. This is also very cost effective and saves energy more than the normal bulb.

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