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Smarten Up Your Living Space with Contemporary Decorative Pillows

A soft, colorful new addition to your home decor might lift your spirit and make you feel that you have someone special to come home to. Spiff up your room with fluffy softness and make your guest feel comfortable during the conversation. However, you need not replace your furniture for that. For a quick makeover, you just need to add some throw pillows. It’s wonderful to transform your den into something so elegant and beautiful by simply adding a number of contemporary decorative pillows.

You can find a wide range of pillows online from simple to extravagant, and the style you choose depends on the look of the furniture. For a solid or subtly sprigged fabric on the couch, bolder pillows are the best bet. If you have a busier sofa, you can go for one color in the pattern and play it up by getting solid or tone-on-tone pillows in that hue.

contemporary decorative pillows

Swap out your old pillows for a couple of new ones to give your home an instant lift. Consider different shape and size, from common square or rectangular to something round or triangular. You can even get custom shaped pillows to brighten up a theme in the living space or bring out a shape in your sofa’s pattern.

Be bold to scatter over-sized pillows around the coffee table and or the fireplace, They will add up to the cool and comfort and create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. However, you need to be a little careful. If you don’t have enough space on the couch, adding over-sized pillows might eat into more space, making you feel uncomfortable while sitting.

One of the biggest advantages of using attractive pillows is that you need not remove your old furniture. Simply place a gorgeous throw pillow on the old chair and see the difference. By doing so, you can easily hide the mark of deterioration. Play up with texture and spruce up the entire room with a splash of color. Adding fluffy, comfortable pillows can give a new look to your old favorite resting spot.

Be bold to mix shapes, sizes, and patterns. Think out of the box and try something different and unique. Contrasting shapes, sizes, and colors are most likely to bring life and essence to a family room.

Pillows, of course, offers an effortless way to update the living room sofa or guest bed. Find a contemporary collection of pillows and bed throws to add comfort to any living room. They will not only look impressive but also make it look inviting and appealing. Mix and match with accent pillows for sofa, dust ruffle, and your comforter to achieve a new appearance.

Don’t go for a jumble of smaller ones rather scatter a few big ones. The average size of a square should be 18 to 24 inches across, which is large enough to highlight a solid color or a pattern. A collection of big pillows not only elevates the look of your living space but also provide full back support. A limited color palette and large geometry prints on smooth, tightly woven fabrics always go well in modern environment. However, if you prefer lots of colors, pull them from a piece of art. You can also choose some unique funky design to brighten up your home decor.

Visit a number of online stores and browse the items. Find the right collection that flatters your furniture and adds up essence to your home decor. Discover ways to bring a pop of color into your home with elegant and attractive bright throw pillows.

Author Bio: Alena Brown is a writer and a regular blogger. She has years of experience in writing. In her recent write up she highlights the importance of contemporary decorative pillows in brightening up the home decor.

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