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Survival Tips for Flying with a Baby

There is no definite age a baby should travel. If you go to baby forums, you will see a wide range of responses from moms. Some moms claim that when their babies reached 6 months, that’s the time when they travelled. One mom said that she brought her baby to Europe when he was only 18 days old. Because of modern day advances, it is now more convenient to travel with a baby. If you are planning a trip, here are some tips to make your flight with your baby more pleasant.

Choose your seat

Back when you didn’t have a baby, you probably always chose a seat in front. Now that you have a baby, it would be better if you sit in the back. The lavatory is back there so it’s more convenient for you when you need to change diapers. Also, the back usually does not fill up so you have more seats to choose from and you can use the other vacant seats to put your things on instead of putting them on the overhead bin.

Getting an aisle seat is also a good idea as you can walk up and down the aisle when the baby is fussing.

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Pack wisely

Bring travel sizes of soaps and other toiletries. If you are just visiting relatives, you can pack lighter. Ask your family to get you some diapers, formula and other things that you might need so that you won’t need to pack them anymore. If you are not sure about the availability of goods in your destination, pack everything you need.

Make sure to pack the essentials in your carry-on bag. Have an ample supply of feeding bottles, formula, wipes, etc. and store them where you can easily get them. You can get baby travel packs. Check out your favorite brand or baby department.

Dress comfortably

Avoid shoes that you need to tie and untie. Avoid belts that you need to remove. Don’t put shoes on your baby. Socks are okay. Remember that you need to go through security checks so avoid clothing or accessories that you need to remove. You will be carrying your baby and it would be such a hassle to keep wearing and removing stuff and putting your baby down from time to time.

What you should wear though is your baby. Buy a wrap or a carrier so that your baby is always with you. You can easily lose track of your baby with all the airport chaos.

Look for airport help signs

Some airports have special lines for families so you can avoid the long lines.Some airports also allow you to check in first and some babies under two get to fly for free. Remember to ask for help when you need it. The same goes true when you are already in the plane. Ask the attendants for help with hot water or warming the bottle or even ice.

Feed the baby

Finally, during landing and takeoff, feed your baby to ease the pressure on his ears. If he is asleep, just let him. If you find feeding to be impossible, give him something to suck on such as a pacifier.

Travelling with a baby can’t always be perfect but at least these tips will help you survive the plane ride.

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