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Team Spirit Gives You The Edge

Team building activities are seen as important tools for companies to both reward and motivate staff, but what about in other areas of life. There are many team sports in this country, at amateur and professional level, which by definition need to work as team. Solely thinking of team building in the corporate world totally misses the point completely. You could argue recreational teams shouldn’t need team building exercises, after all they are doing something fun together already, but team building in sports teams must be invaluable.

The proof? Well, just look at football clubs over this pre-season period. Professional teams have looked to break up the monotony of pre-season training with various activities ranging from visits to snow centres to training with the RAF. I wonder which one of those activities was more enjoyable, however that doesn’t mean it had the most desired effect.

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These activities serve a dual purpose of helping them build up their fitness for the season ahead, but also working together and watching each other push themselves to the limit for personal gain but also for the good of the team. Would it be fair to say watching a team mate having to help another team mate out on an assault course will be beneficial when your backs are against the wall in a football match during the season?

They are professionals who are getting paid to be part of a team, so surely they shouldn’t need any encouragement, however strengthening that spirit can be achieved by such activities.

All sports seem to value team building exercises, for example, cycling teams go on warm weather training camps. Yes they are vital for their conditioning, but it is widely recognised that the time spent together helps builds bonds in the team. Instilling that sense of being part of a team has the benefit off members not wanting to let each other down.

Even in sports such as cricket which is a more individual type of team sport, team building is seen as key. England’s national cricket team will often as part of their training, carry out small team building exercises such as a game of another sport such as tag rugby. In fact despite suffering injuries to players in such activities they still persist with them, showing how valuable they are seen. Proof for those corporate managers with tight budgets then that team building activities can take any form, can cost very little and can be actually be quite informal.

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