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Technology That Makes Tourism Easier

If there are two industries that have absolutely exploded in growth over the past thirty years, it’s tourism and technology. Fortunately, the two go hand in hand very well together! It’s very easy to take advantage of technology while booking, travelling to, or even while enjoying, your holiday to make sure you have the best experience possible. Today, tourism technology could include the laptop you use to book cheap holidays, your smartphone you use as a boarding pass or perhaps the rental car you hire to better explore your destination. Here’s some top ways to get the most out of your holiday using tourism technology this October.

Technology That Makes Tourism Easier

The Smartphone

When I travel on holiday, I try and take my smartphone. People always ask me why, but then soon see the logic in carrying an always-connected device wherever you go. Today’s smartphones tend to work across the world, regardless of network. This means you can either keep your home SIM card in your phone, which requires less effort but could cost more in the long run, or buy a cheap SIM card in the country you’re travelling in. I tend to go for the latter as it saves money: using a phone abroad can be a costly business!

A smartphone can be really, really useful when you’re on holiday – it helps if you quickly need to check the internet on how to ask for the bill in a foreign language and most phones come with map application which can help you when you (sometimes inevitably) get lost. Also, if you’re a fan of the last minute deals you can get to see sun, sea and sand for next to nothing, a Smartphone can help organize last minute things such as car rentals when you’ve arrived at your destination.

There are, however, a few occasions when a smartphone might not be much use to you. If you’re the type that enjoys cruises, or travel and leisure far off the beaten track, you might struggle a little bit to get a network connection on your handset. If so, fear not – the next piece of tourism technology that can streamline your holiday might be right up your street.

The laptop

Sometimes it’s not always ideal to carry a smartphone – particularly if you’re of the adventurous type who can’t guarantee the phone’s safety while you’re exploring the world! To you, maybe at this point a laptop might seem like a bit of a funny idea in terms of tourism technology but more and more of us are taking laptop computers with us when we go abroad. It’s not just backpackers and international businessmen who are taking their online life with them, families and average holidaymakers are rapidly discovering just how useful your computer can be while you’re on holiday.

Laptops strike the balance between power and portability and let us get connected in more remote locations. ‘Free WiFi’ is a term that’s becoming extremely popular with hotels and resorts now and getting your laptop online abroad is easier than ever – but what makes it so useful? Laptops can be the digital hub of your holiday you leave in your (locked and reliable) hotel room. You could use your laptop to do everything from planning the restaurants you’ll visit on the next day of your trip, to getting in contact with the unlucky ones you had to leave behind! Laptops are especially useful if the unthinkable “camera memory card error” happens, giving you a way to restore some of your treasured photos taken earlier that day.

The Digital Camera

People have been taking their cameras on holiday with them for decades. Fortunately, emergency dashes to gift shops for more camera film have long been banished from the average holiday with the advent of the digital camera. The digital camera is a type of tourism technology which is getting smaller, cheaper and more powerful every year, and is easily one of the most popular things people take on holiday. No matter if you’re shopping in Sydney or visiting spas in St. Tropez, the digital camera will be most likely be present to immortalize your trip abroad.

We love taking our digital cameras on holiday because they provide a great way for us to relive our favourite moments – moments that are gone all too quickly. Taking photos of top destinations is a fun way to really get a feel for the place you’re visiting, regardless of whether you individually tailored your holiday yourself or decided to go with one of Travel Republic’s amazing travel packages.

This article was written by Ted Hunter on behalf of Travel Republic. Travel Republic is a cheap holidays specialist with holidays to suit all tastes available. Ted lives in London, and likes writing about travel and technology. He is a cat lover and he loves to run.

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