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How Temporary Fencing is Used

Temporary fencing is utilized for controlling the general public at occasions, blocking off areas with regard to safety reasons and limiting entry to people for security factors. Edmonton property owners may also lease a fence temporarily to put around their property line until they are able to build a much more permanent structure. The types of temporary fencing utilized for these types of purposes differ widely in their structure, material and weight. Typical types of temporary fencing incorporate a number of plastic fencing or panels made of chain-link, wire or steel. Fencing generally includes individual panels which can be set up along the perimeter of the preferred region to be fenced in.



When looking for a professional company, be sure they have been in business for a while.  This will ensure that their technicians comprehend all expectations and regulations which are presented to them when first stepping on your site.  These technicians should realize the importance of staying under budget and offering discounted rates should your site have high traffic count and road frontage.

Temporary Fencing


During public events like parades, festivals and sports games, temporary fencing is frequently used for containing various activities. For instance, animals can be contained in a summer fair petting zoo with temporary fence panels or allow parents to watch their children more closely during attractions to keep them from getting lost.  Temporary fencing can also be used for lining people up when entering events or when buying snacks or tickets. This type of fencing can be used during sporting events to mark off various lengths of larger playing fields.


It can be very exciting, building a pool.  It can also be very risky and dangerous. There are strict laws in many areas regarding pools and temporary fences can help prevent accidents such as child drowning.  You can use temporary fences to put around pools or new homes while you are waiting for the installation of a permanent fence.  Your safety as well as your family is extremely important and should be priority in the Fencing company you choose.


If you are looking to keep a location safe from tagging and theft, locking down your Edmonton site with a 2.5 meter high security fence can get the job done.  Security fencing is usually made with rows of barb wire for ensuring no unauthorized access into your site.

Garden and Retail

You will find attractive fencing for your garden or seasonal retail enclosure. This fencing will reduce theft and provide security, control your customers’ access and even have convenient gates for opening and closing your enclosure.

Many fencing companies will offer a full line of various temporary fencing products.  Some companies might focus on specific industries like construction where others will offer a wide range of customer types. Temporary fence companies frequently deliver and install their products for customers and will come and take it down off of their property once the contract is over.  Contact us to discuss toilet rentals Edmonton and your temporary fencing needs for your Edmonton home or site.

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