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The 2013 Honda Accord Offers Advanced Technology with Luxury and Comfort

When it comes to technology, luxury and comfort then there’s one car currently slated for release in 2013 which will deliver on all three – and that’s the new Honda Accord generation that will be coming out next year.  Honda understands that these are the three main aspects and fundamental things that allow you to have best driving experience.  But, Honda aren’t just thinking about the everyday driver with the new Honda Accord – this car will also appeal to the most advanced and demanding of drivers.

New Honda Accord is Both Sporty and Practical

The new 2013 Honda Accord is being worked on by the sports and racing division of Honda as well as their standard design team – meaning it should be a superb car for all kinds of drivers and markets.  They are aiming to combine a luxury and sporting driving experience with energy and fuel savings.  It looks like they might achieve this too with the addition of the latest i-VTEC engine which has a 2.4 liter capacity. The Honda Civic for 2013 will offer a maximum power of 200 horse power and an average fuel consumption of 9.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

2013 honda accord

Offers Great Balance and Economy Savings

This represents the best balance of power and economy and is a slight departure from how Honda have developed previous generations of their popular Accord model range.  The 2012 range will also include advanced diesel technology for those who want to economize further.  This one will use a Honda DTEC engine and will be one of the first cars from Honda that will meet the Euro 5 emission standards. The diesel model has an aluminum 2.2-liter engine with a far cleaner and quieter working operation than in previous years.  Despite this it still manages to offer excellent horse power (150 HP) with an improved torque of 350 Nm – this will give the customers a true sports driving experience.

One of the Safest Cars on the Road

Another aspect worth noting about the 2013 Honda Accord is that it has a truly unique technological solution, which is the LKAS system.  This consists of small cameras that follow the lines on the road and through a relay, performing adjustments for the electric power steering.  This is a superb feature that will help you stay safe on the road and minimize risk to both you, your passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers.  The system will respond if it believes that the car in front is a potential threat. For this it uses a system called CMBS (Collision Mitigation Brake System) that will react immediately and slow the car – the same goes for if someone steps out in front of you whilst driving. There are audio and visual messages from the dashboard that will warn you of any potential dangers, while the vehicle speed will be reduced independent of your own actions.

Others aspects that are new with the 2013 Honda Accord include the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), VSA (Vehicle Stability Control), TSA (Trailer Stability Assistance) and many other systems that will make you feel completely safe and secure in your car so you enjoy the drive.

Honda Navigation System from Garmin

One last feature to bring your attention to is the new and improved Honda Navigation System that comes with the new Accord.  It offers exceptional GPS functionality and has been developed in partnership with the Garmin company.  In terms of GPS you can’t go far wrong with Garmin, and your Honda dealer will offer this as an additional extra when you buy from new.  So expect to pay another two or three hundred dollars for this feature.

About the Author: This new Honda news was brought to you by James McFadden.  James is an automotive blogger who writes for the GPS Bites website.  Currently they offer tutorials on how to install GPS map updates to Honda models with a money saving DVD update.  Click for more information on the Honda Navigation Code if you already drive a Honda with GPS.

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