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The Most Expensive Baths Ever

We all like to indulge now and again, splashing a little cash on something that we don’t really need.

But, on the whole, that tends to be little items here and there that won’t make a huge dent in your budget.

Here though, I look at some of the most expensive baths ever, definitely only for people that have more 0’s in their bank balance than most of us are likely to see…ever.

Better Red…

Starting with a futuristic offering, this luxurious tub designed by Aldo Puglielli for Watergames Technologies boasts a dual 42 inch HDTV, lots of multi-coloured lighting, and of course Swarovski-encrusted champagne holders – why accept anything less?

Copper and Robbers

A couple of baths make this list using metal as their theme. The Kalista Archeo Copper Bathtub offering, available at a modest £43K, was put together by the same chaps that spruced up the Statue of Liberty’s torch – an interesting story to regale anyone who dips their toes in the bath to be sure.

I was also going to mention the golden bathtub that was one of the centre pieces at Japan’s Kominato Hotel, but well…it was stolen and no-one has seen it since – that’s a lot of gold rings and watches that are probably knocking about somewhere.

Amazonian stone

Harrods had two humongous Amazonian stone baths available for anyone who had a cool half a million burning a hole in their pocket.

Designed by Luca Bojola, for the Italian interiors company Baldi, the pair of baths took months to create.

With both the baths measuring in at 2m long, they stood as the most expensive on the market until one was snapped up by a Russian tycoon for £567,502 back in 2008.

most expensive baths

Baldi’s Various Other Offerings

When a firm is willing to put baths on the market for more than half a million quid, you can be certain they have a few other tricks up their sleeve.

For those not willing to spend that much, why not go for one of their slightly less expensive alternatives. Maybe the Amethyst bathtub at a modest £80K. This is definitely one for people who love the colour purple, and with that much money saved on the Amazonian stone offering they may even be able to get Prince in to sing Purple Rain for them – he’d certainly be impressed with the 24-karat gold legs and matching accessories.

If green’s more your thing, Baldi also offer a Malachite bathtub at a slightly pricier £142k. Designed by Luca Bojola it also features the same 24-karat feet of its purple Amethyst sibling and is made of pure turquoise malachite.

There Can Be Only One

If the Amazonian stone and Baldi’s other offerings are a little too low brow for you (maybe you’re a Russian Oligarch, Texan oil baron or royal family member), then perhaps this next bath will be more up your street.

Costing a whopping £1m, Le Grand Queen as it is known, was carved from an extremely rare gemstone called Caijou. The stone was believed to have healing powers in the past and as such was utilised by many ancient civilisations – perhaps a soothing way to relax the mind after realising you’ve just spent enough money to fill the bath with and swim in it Scrooge McDuck style.

Apparently the source of the stone is so secretive that it can’t be revealed, perhaps also unsurprisingly the person who eventually purchased this bath wants to remain anonymous.

Louisa Jenkins is a home design expert, who enjoys searching out information on luxury bathroom products from the baths themselves right down to the taps.

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