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The Perfect Bath

Having a bath can be very relaxing and therapeutic until it comes to getting out and you realise your bathroom’s freezing and you’ve got a cold towel.

Before you get into the bath it’s a good idea to make sure you have everything you’re going to need, such as shampoo, conditioner, soap and cream, if for no other reason this is so that you don’t have to get out again until you really want to – or have to if someone else wants the bathroom. Although to avoid the latter dilemma you could make sure that everyone else has used the bathroom first, or go in the bath when the house is empty. Don’t forget to pop the heating on and put your fluffy, clean towel onto a warm radiator for when you’ve finished.
There are so many different products that you can use in a bath to make the water and yourself smell nice. One of the most popular products are bath bombs.

perfect bathroom

Bath bombs

These can be bought in many different shapes, sizes, colours and smells. They are made out of a salt like substance that, when in contact with water, will start to dissolve quickly in the water. The bath bomb should be put into the bath as you’re ready to get into it. As the bath bomb is dissolving you will feel a tingling feeling on the skin, as the bath bomb works it will moisturise and nourish your skin.

When getting out of the bath and it’s cold this is not only unpleasant but it can also be dangerous, and can make some people feel really ill. The sudden change in temperature can make some people go light headed, it could result in them falling or even passing out. There are many ways to avoid these kinds of situations, to start with you should close all of the windows to make sure there’s no cold draft – people tend to choose to have a bath at night in the winter, the coldest time of the year – you could even put the heating on a timer to come on around the time you have a bath at night, that way the room will be warm by the time you get out and reach for your towel.

Radiators are not always the most efficient or nice looking things in the home, but companies have brought out a stylish radiator for towels. It’s chrome in colour and is a great way to save space as it’s structured just like a ladder, so you can hang around eight towels on it – as opposed to the three that you might manage on a normal radiator.

This guest blog was written by Sandra Wells an interior designer who advises that every bathroom should have a towel radiator from

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