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Things To Remember Before Purchasing Memory Foam Mattresses

Despite the abundance of memory foam mattresses available in the market, a lot of people still have a hard time selecting the best brand to buy. This is due to the fact that not all memory foam mattresses can deliver quality comfort to users. So in order to have the right type of mattress that provides the most benefits, here some tips on how to choose the best memory foam mattress.

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Four Factors to Consider about Memory Foam Mattresses

These days, mattresses made out of memory foam are considered to be the best alternatives to the standard cotton and innerspring mattresses. One of the things that have caught the attention of users is the fact that memory foam has the ability to contour the shape of the body and provide excellent support and comfort while reducing too much pressure on the bony prominences of the user. Hence, here are some important pointers to remember before purchasing a memory foam mattress.

Consider the Density of the Foam — the density of the foam actually affects the durability of the material and not the comfort or feel it provides. It is important to select a mattress that has at least 5 to 7 pounds of density. This will help enhance the durability of the material, which can last up to 10 years. It is necessary to become meticulous in buying memory foam since some manufacturers may indicate that their product has at least 5 lbs of foam density. However, this only indicates to the first inch of the foam. The rest only has 2 pounds.

Reaction to Pressure — the unit mmHg is used in order to measure the reaction of the mattress to pressure. This is why it is important to select a mattress that has low mmHg. According to some healthcare providers, memory foam that has a 32 mmHg or lower can provide effective pressure relief. This enables the body to experience lesser pressure points while sleeping.

Consider the ILD or Indentation Load Deflation of the Foam — Typically, the ILD of memory foam ranges from 6 to 40. Some of the best quality memory foam mattresses range from 10 to 16 ILD. It is necessary to choose a mattress with multiple layers with different mmHg to enhance or improve its comfort level.

Consider the Place where the Mattress is Manufactured — Most manufacturing companies claim that their mattresses are made in the U.S. or Canada. In fact, the materials are imported from other countries, but the mattresses are assembled in U.S. or Canadian factories. These places provide extra tests to ensure the safety in using the different components for the memory foam mattresses. Because of this, it is advisable to buy products that are U.S. or Canadian made.

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