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Three of the World’s Most Expensive Homes

The term “domestic bliss” takes on a whole new meaning when looking at some of the world’s most expensive homes – the lavish living spaces of the rich and famous are designed to offer the ultimate in luxury, combining cutting-edge modern architectural techniques with the elaborate design aesthetic of years gone by.

The UK is home to some of the world’s most expensive properties, including Updown Court and One Hyde Park – and many local estate agents would agree you’d be hard pressed to find a home more beautiful than these fine examples. However, there is a wealth of luxury homes and mansions further afield that rank among the most expensive on the planet – here is a look at three of the most expensive and exciting homes found outside of the United Kingdom:

Hala Ranch

This luxury home (pictured above) is situated on a 95-acre estate north of the glamorous ski resort town of Aspen, Colorado in the United States. Hala Ranch was built in 1991 and was named the most expensive home in the US, with an impressive $135 million price tag. Today, this luxury home is the third most expensive house on the US market, and it’s easy to see why. Hala Ranch includes 15 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, an interior elevator and a courtyard with a reflecting pool and waterfall. This lavish home also boasts expensive features like a fishing pond, steam room, tennis court, stables and a car wash! Guests will also find skiing trails across the estate sprawling Aspen estate.

The luxury home was originally owned by former Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, who stayed in the mansion during his visits to the US. It was designed by Hagman Yaw architects.

Fleur de Lys

This Los Angeles mansion is valued at a staggering $125 million, earning it a place among the top 10 most expensive homes in the world! Fleur de Lys was designed to resemble the Chateaux Vaux-le-Vicomte, a luxury French property dating back to the 17th Century.

It’s no wonder this LA home is so expensive; the walls are made of imported French limestone and the interior boasts not only exquisite antique furnishings but also 24-carat gold trim! This extravagantly expensive luxury home was originally built for billionaire couple David and Suzanne Saperstein, and features 15 bedrooms and a 50-seat screening room.


It’s hard to believe this 27-floor property is actually a family home! Antilia, the most expensive home in the world, is found in South Mumbai; it is home to billionaire businessman Mukesh Ambani and his family.Antilia was designed by US architects, and named after the fabled Atlantic island of Antillia. The world’s most expensive home is enough to make even its wealthiest neighbours just a little envious. The building boasts several swimming pools and helipads, a theatre, a spa, a yoga studio and a ballroom – there is also a special “ice room” complete with artificial snow!

These are just a few enticing examples of the most expensive homes currently found around the world –doubtless the years to come will see luxury property reach even greater heights, not to mention higher price tags!

Dave Tucker is an enthusiastic writer with a keen interest in property and luxury living; from the UK’s luxury property for rent in St Johns Wood, to exotic overseas mansions like Antilia, Dave has the facts and figures on all of them!

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