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Tips For Buying A Sheepskin Rug For Your Home

A sheepskin plainly refers to the hide or skin of a sheep, which sometimes is called a lambskin. Dissimilar with common leather, a sheepskin is usually suntanned with the coatings intact, as in a fur. Tracing the origination of sheepskins, they have been in existence a thousand years ago and were used by the early men.

Purchasing sheepskin rugs is a task that can be so daunting and discouraging because it is not a something so popular to a lot of people. Sheepskin rugs can be a wonderful addition to any office or home, but the problem is getting a quality one when shopping. Shopping of sheepskin rugs comprises of a lot, and some people end up purchasing the ones with inferior qualities. If you are planning on shopping for new sheepskin rugs, below are some tips you should consider:

Sheepskin Rug


The way the wool is treated or dyed is so important to the general quality of the sheepskin rug. One thing about bleaching is that it weakens the wool and leather of the sheepskin rug; that is why it is not recommendable for one to bleach a sheepskin rug. This means, the sheepskin rug will look more beige or creamy than white. Furthermore, shopping for specific colours is difficult when dealing with natural rugs is almost impossible. Contrasting the colour that is already in your room with the sheepskin is an easy way to get around it without matching colours.

Chromium tanning

Another necessary step to take in order to avoid decomposition is tanning. There are a lot of different techniques but the most efficient and effective process is considered to be chromium tanning. In fact, well treated sheepskin rugs will resist shrinking in hot water.


Another truth is that, not all breed of sheep is perfect for home use. Each breed of sheep has separate characteristics that make it appropriate for different purposes. When it comes to decorating your home, the merino breed of sheep is the best and perfect choice. The hair’s thickness is so important, and the breed has the softest and thinnest wool among all other breeds. It also helps in trapping heat better than any other wool; that makes it the best choice for bed spreads.

Custom sheepskin

The most used and rampant sheepskin rug is usually created from a particular pelt (2’ x 3’). If you are in need of covering a larger area, many dealers will offer rugs in different pelt configurations such as 4, 8, 10-pelt, etc. And even if a bigger rug is needed, you can meet a custom rug maker so that he or she can combine a lot of pelts together to create the needed size of rug. Custom rugs can be created with naturally curled or straight outlines, and in a collection of colours. The truth is that a custom rug will be more expensive than other sheepskin rugs, but can still add a unique touch to your home.

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