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Tips for Cutting Phone Bills on Holiday

Roaming charges when you go on holiday can be extortionate – especially if you do not do your homework beforehand and check how much calls abroad will cost under your current mobile phone package.

You may tell yourself that you will not make phone calls while you are on holiday, but if something happens either at home or while you are in a resort and you need to contact your family or friends to let them know your are okay, your mobile credit can soon disappear.

The EU has introduced caps on how much mobile phone call providers can charge for roaming fees and these are (in euros):

  • Making a call – 35 cents
  • Receiving a call – 11 cents
  • Sending a text – 11 cents.

If you are a prolific mobile phone user this can still add up, so here are some top tips for cutting your phone bills while on holiday.

cutting phone bills

  • Tell friends not to phone you on your mobile unless it is urgent, as some phone tariffs mean to you pay an extraordinary amount to receive calls and pick up messages from home
  • Check exactly what the roaming fees will be with your current mobile provider and package well in advance so you can either add a roaming package to your existing mobile phone call and texts
  • Look around for a roaming package with another provider if your current package is expensive and you are going to be away for a while eg if you are working abroad for the summer season
  • Buy a cheap phone and a package with cheap roaming fees to use while you are abroad – walking around with a flashy smartphone in your hand on holiday is not a good idea anyway as you may lose it or get mugged for it
  • If you have someone looking after your home or pets while you are on holiday – or you need to call the office – try and email instead from your hotel’s public PC and Internet to make sure everything is all right. Hotels usually charge around a few pounds to use a PC in reception, which could be a lot cheaper than using your mobile phone to call or take calls abroad
  • Buy an international calling card offering cheap phone rates – these are often available from small shops and kiosks or petrol stations abroad.

Don’t leave your phone at home because it may cost a lot. Remember that you are in another country and you may need to use your phone if you get lost or injured off track or injured in a car accident.

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