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Tips for Home Buying

So, you’re thinking of pulling the trigger and purchasing your own home.  This is a really big step, so first of all, congratulations on making it to a point where you are settled and looking to build your life.  Whether this is going to be your forever home, a starter home, or something in between, it’s crucial that you don’t commit to anyone’s house too quickly.

This can be challenging in a market where homes are bought and sold so quickly and even more difficult if you’ve found something you love. However, we implore you, be smart about how you choose your house because there could be a lot going on beneath the surface. Also, consult with your realtor they are to help you and have experience when looking at houses. Try to find an honest, experienced professional like Rylea Homes.

Tips for Home Buying

Don’t Let New Paint Fool You

A new coat of paint goes a long way in making an older home look refreshed.  Look for signs of age like older appliances or weakness in the structure.  Focus on the details, not just the surface refinishing.  You need a home with a sound structure and good foundation way more than a glossy paint job.

Inspect the Roof

This might not be easy to do at first glance, but give it a once over for any noticeable damage.  Roof repairs or replacement can become very costly.  If you become serious about possibly buying a home, consider having a professional come by and give the roof a proper inspection so you aren’t surprised by any damage that may not be readily visible.

Check Out the Land and Neighborhood

Think about where you are buying.  Is the area prone to flooding or other potential issues that can damage your home?  Is the land good or is the grass dying and unkempt?  Pay attention to how you feel about the neighborhood and any neighbors you may see.  After all, if you’re seriously considering living here, you should feel comfortable, safe, and secure.  If you have children, make sure you’re in a good school district and consider how far essential places are from your potential home.

Touch Everything

Don’t be shy.  When doing your walkthrough, try all the faucets, open all the doors, turn on and off all the lights.  You want to know as much about the condition of the house as possible.  This will help you understand if there’s any further investment you’ll need to make in repairs after purchasing.  Even if you’re willing to do some repairs and looking for a fixer upper, know as much as you can about how much you’re going to need to invest to make this house your comfortable home.

Have a Professional Home Inspection Done

Once you’ve done your walkthrough, discussed numbers, and started to truly consider making an offer, have a professional inspector do a walk through with you.  While you may trust your eyes, there is always the potential for faults beneath the surface.  A home inspector will check the wiring, plumbing, foundation, look for pests, test for lead paint, and more.  This way, you will have a complete report about all the things that may need attention before you buy.

Decide on Dealbreakers

You’ll likely be living in your new house for a while, so be sure not to settle too much. Come up with a list of must-haves.  Maybe you need extra storage space, maybe a two car garage.  Whatever it is, have a list of things you want, create a checklist, and try to check off as many things as you can so you’ll be living in a home you love.

It’s easy to fall in love with a home at first sight.  Be sure that you’re investing your money wisely and take a moment to take a thorough walkthrough without the rose colored glasses.  This can help save a lot of money in the long run on unexpected repairs.  Happy house hunting!

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