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Three Tips for Storing Swimming Pool Toys for the Winter

Are you lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your backyard? If you do, you likely have a large supply of pool related toys. When summer is over, you want to store those items in a way that keeps them safe and ready to go when the swimming season returns. Look at three tips for storing swimming pool related toys.

Use Plastic Bins with Lids for Storage

Rafts, inner tubes, floaties and more can be deflated and stored in plastic bins with lids. This type of storage container serves several purposes. One, it keeps all of these types of toys together. Two, it protects these vulnerable swim toys from being chewed on by insects and rodents while they are in storage. Goggles, snorkels and swim fins can be kept in another smaller plastic bin.

Storing Swimming Pool Toys for the Winter

Make Sure All of the Air and Water Are Out of the Toys

Before storing all of your rafts, inner tubes and other blow up pool toys, be sure they are free of water and air. Leaving water and air inside your rafts can prompt mold growth. You don’t want to have to throw out your pool toys right after retrieving them from their storage bin the next summer season. Open the plugs on your rafts and push down every square inch of them to squeeze the water and air out. You may even want to leave them out to dry flat before folding them for the storage bin.

Store the Containers in an Out of the Way Area

Once you load the plastic storage bin with toys, where should you put it? One idea is to put them on SafeRacks overhead storage rack. That way, your bins are in a place that’s easily accessible as well as out of the way of your car and family members passing through.

Lastly, keeping your swimming pool related items in safe storage can help you avoid buying new toys every summer season. Plastic bins are also useful for storing bathing suits, bath towels and flip-flops.

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