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Top 10 Benefits Of Having Vinyl Flooring In Your Home

Having been around for over 60 years why is vinyl flooring becoming the chosen floor covering in so many of today’s modern homes? Technological advances in its manufacture have played a big part in its renaissance, as have the large range of colours and finishes now available. Here are 10 good reasons to have a close look at vinyl when choosing your next floor covering.


Vinyl can be laid as tiles or in sheets and comes in different thicknesses suitable for high volumes of traffic such as an office. Nonetheless, even the most durable vinyl is often the most cost-effective option when compared to another floor covering.

Vinyl Flooring In Your Home

Very Hardwearing

The modern production of vinyl provides a versatile, extremely hardwearing product which is suitable for both home and office use. Waterproof, fire resistant and able to withstand the knocks, bangs and general wear and tear of normal home or office life, it will maintain its looks for years to come.


Back in the day, dull, old and unattractive linoleum was the kitchen and bathroom flooring of choice due to its waterproof finish. Now, with its high-tech production, range of patterns, styles, colours and excellent non-slip properties, even when wet, vinyl floor covering is the chosen alternative.

Ease of Installation

Vinyl is available as a ‘click down’ tile or board, where the tiles lock together. This provides a fast and speedy method of laying your new flooring, which negates the need for tiles to be glued individually. A great option if you intend to lay the flooring yourself.

Design your own Bespoke Floor Covering

If DIY is your forte, you can let the creative juices run free and design your own bespoke floor. Vinyl tiles can be laid in any configuration, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. If you use the stick down variety, you can make up your own patterns and add feature strips to make the whole thing unique.

Low Maintenance

For families with children and pets, vinyl is particularly popular. Not just in kitchens and bathrooms, but throughout the house. Food dropped by the kids, and dirty paw marks left by the animals can be quickly swept up and mopped away.

Increased Sound Insulation

Cushion vinyl will help reduce sound levels when compared to wood, tiles and other laminated products, a big plus if you happen to live in a flat with old wooden floorboards.

A Great Alternative for Allergy Suffers

More people than ever seem to be suffering allergy and respiratory problems in their homes. With thick, deep carpets, no matter how hard you try, dust and all manner of microscopic particles seem to hide away in the pile. A vinyl floor covering can be quickly swept and mopped over on a daily basis, and the scatter rugs given a good shake in the fresh air.

Compatible with Underfloor Heating

Compared to wood or tiled floors, the amount of heat conducted through a cushion vinyl floor is impressive. A big plus when you lift the kids out of the bath on those cold winter nights.

Highly Cost Effective

Finally, if it’s that good, how long does it last? Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of options. Not just patterns, colours and styles, but as tiles or boards. It also comes in a range of thicknesses and different backing materials. Whatever style, type or thickness of vinyl you choose, you can expect to get an average 25 to 30 years good service from the product.

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