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Top 10 Tips for Using Lonely Planet When on Holiday

Once upon a time you had to lug a guide book round with you – and some holidaymakers still like the feel of a guidebook in their hands as they discover new places on holiday. However, apps and the internet mean accessing top destinations guides like Lonely Planet ( has never been so easy – even if you are on a bar crawl in Spain, taking a break away from the resort hotspots to sample some of the real culture can make holidays even more special.

Here are the Top 10 Tips for making your holiday the best yet with the help of the Lonely Planet Guides.

  1. Lonely Planet produces 500 guides to 195 countries – and these can be accessed on iPad, iPhone and Kindle as well as other digital devices, so you can access the information you need on the go.
  2. Gen up on your chosen destination well in advance using a Lonely Planet Travel Guide or Guide Book – knowing a bit about your holiday destination en route or before you go can make your holiday even more exciting.
  3. Even if you are going on a package holiday, knowing where to go and how to get there can help you pick and choose between all the excursions on offer and decide whether you could also get to places more cheaply under your own steam.
  4. If you are visiting countries like Egypt, Cuba or Mexico, it is especially useful to know about the culture and customs before you get there – as well as the areas you should avoid, so use your Lonely Planet guidebook to do some research before you go and when you get there.
  5. Lonely Planet also makes language phrasebooks – and knowing the basic phrases for your holiday destination can help make getting around less stressful.
  6. Trying new food on holiday is part of the excitement – but holiday food poisoning can also mean a wrecked holiday and months recovering from a serious bacterial infection like salmonella. Use your Lonely Planet guidebook to choose recommended restaurants and eateries when you want to dine out.
  7. If you have a specific interest such as photography, Lonely Planet also produces guides for photographers – as well as guides for foodies on holiday and specialist guides such as Lonely Planet Shoestring Guides to different destinations for those on a limited budget.
  8. If you are a holidaymaker with a specific interest – eg Pompeii or sports activities – Lonely Planet Guides offer specialist destination guides and also activity guides such as Hiking in Spain or Japan, or trekking in the Patagonian Andes!
  9. Lonely Planet also produces PDF eBooks to download on holiday, covering popular European city destinations like Andalucia in Spain or Istanbul in Turkey, so you can visit the best sites and find the best hotels and souvenirs using your iPhone or PDA.
  10. The Lonely Planet website also offers details on hotels, flights and insurance – so if you get stuck on your travels without a pillow or a connecting flight, log on to get to your next exciting Lonely Planet destination.

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