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Top 10 Vacation Tips

Do you want to enjoy your next vacation? Here are 10 top tips on ensuring that everything goes according to plan.

1. Think about travel companions

It’s easy to think that the key to a great holiday is choosing the right destination or accommodation. The first element to consider, however, should be the people that you will be travelling with.

How well do you know them? Do you have similar interests? Will you be able to enjoy the vacation experience together?

2. Types of vacation

You’ll find that vacations can vary considerably. A relaxing beach vacation is nothing like a trip that involves mountain climbing, or a tour of historic monuments. Think carefully about the type of vacation that you will enjoy.

3. Choosing destinations

It’s easy to assume that you’ll be looking to head to a single destination. But there’s a lot of flexibility available these days. You may be able to visit multiple locations during the course of your trip.

Since you already have your travel companions in mind, as well as your preferred type of vacation, it should be possible for you to narrow down your options.

4. Think about when you will travel

If you’ve chosen a great destination and some wonderful people to travel with, then everything should go according to plan, right? Unfortunately, things aren’t quite as simple as this. Visiting India can be a wonderful experience, but you may prefer to avoid the monsoon season. Planning a ski trip? It makes sense to go when there’s a chance of seeing some snow!

5. Plan in advance

Last minute vacations can be great, in some circumstances. If you need to travel with kids, or book time off work, then you’ll probably want to plan things that bit earlier. You may also be surprised to find that you can make savings by booking early.

6. Consider your budget

This is likely to have an impact on the type of vacation experience that you will have. It may not mean that you have to think about different destinations, but it certainly may have an impact on the type of accommodation that you choose.

Will you be opting for a luxury hotel, or a week under canvas?

7. Look at maps

I’m a big fan of maps, but I don’t just suggest this because I think it will be great fun! When you’re making plans to visit somewhere for the first time, the geography of a region can be incredibly confusing. If you don’t consult a map, you could end up with a rather unrealistic itinerary.

8. Read reviews…of absolutely everything!

One of the great things about the Internet is that it means that we have access to so much information. We can read what others think about people, places, hotels, bars, restaurants and travel operators.

This is all fantastic news and can create informed tourists. It only works, of course, if you choose to read such information.

9. Mix with the locals

Half of the fun of travelling is mixing with local people. Take the time to learn a little of the language and to discover local customs and cuisine.

10. Enjoy yourself!

After you’ve done all the planning, you need to remember that vacations are primarily about having a lot of fun!

top 10 vacation tips

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