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Top 5 Unusual Watches

Watches are now widely known to be the must-have accessory for both men and women. Many people will have a selection of timepieces that can be worn to work, to the gym and to jazz up an outfit for social occasions. There are so many types and styles of watches available such as classic, stylish, gem incrusted and hard wearing functional, but how about some watches that are a little more unusual. Here are our top 5 unusual timepieces.

1. Mr.Jones Watches

mr jones watches

Timepieces created by Mr. Jones watches are fun and quirky and this company has produced some really unusual designs. They have a smart range of single hand watches that are fun and colourful and their last laugh range is a real talking point. These feature a clown on the face and the time is shown on the mouth of it. The tattoo version of this is simply stunning and a must-have for anyone looking for something different from the norm. Another great feature of Mr. Jones watches is that some of the ranges have a message written on the hour hands, which make these a great gift.

2. AppeTime Watches

appetime watches

AppeTime has been creating watches since the year 2000. Although relatively new to the market they are fast becoming well known for their individual ideas and bright timepieces. All of their ranges have a specific theme and come in several colours. You can choose from timepieces depicting nature from a bird’s eye view; such that are based on sweets and deserts which have faces that are bold and colourful and seem to draw you in as you stare at them; watches with faces that look as though they are a piece of fruit that has been sliced in half; and even square faced timepieces that look like the buttons on a lift.

3. We Wood Watches

wooden wewood watches

We Wood make beautiful timepieces entirely from wood. Not only that but all the wood used is eco friendly and the majority of it is actually scrap wood. If that wasn’t enough We Wood have stated that for every watch sold they will plant a tree! So by buying one of these watches you not only get to choose unusual timepieces that come in a range of designs and colours and are quirky and beautifully made but you also help the environment. What more could you ask for?

4. I-Toc Watches

i-toc watches

I-Toc Watches are designed by Sean Zoega from the United Kingdom. These timepieces are unisex and available in a range of colours from the subtle to the zingy and bright. The face of the watch has two circles with the minutes shown on the outer one and the hours on the inner circle so they are easy enough to read. Popular with many artists the I-Toc watches have style in abundance and look great on the wrist too.

5. Projects Watches

projects watches

Watches that are made by the company Projects are designed by various architects from around the world and hence have various styles and shapes to choose from. These timepieces are very unusual and a masterpiece of design and best of all they come at an affordable price. A great range of unusual watches to suit everyone.

Jason Green is a an expert in selling unique and quality designer wristwatches (the Danish term for that is armbåndsure) and has been doing it since 2002.

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