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The True Benefits of Corporate Housing Examined

Today, expenses are a bone of contention in corporates. Top management is continually complaining that expenses are too high and finance is therefore always on the lookout for way to save money. Keeping these expenses low is no easy task as costs rise considerable year on year. One item on the expense sheet, employee accommodation is always a difficult cost to keep low. Most companies have a research and development division and this may include the use of outside facilities and personnel. This definitely involves temporary accommodation and this can run into months at a time. An important thing to know is that corporate housing stays of longer than 90 days are not subject to taxation. Normal hotel taxes differ from state to state, country to country but are more or less 15% this may not be generally known but must be considered.

Corporate Housing Examined

There are productivity benefits as well to be considered. Business travelling can become tiring and the better the accommodation for your employees, the more productive they are. Temporary or contract employees you may have hired for a certain project need to be fresh and wide awake. They may need to travel to sites with frequent change of special work clothing. This is where the corporate apartment comes into play with its laundry facilities. Hotels can be exceptionally tiring as you do not have the same facilities such as cooking you own breakfast without have to bother to dress for breakfast. Hotel breakfast served in your room can be quite an expensive exercise and you always seem to be waiting for something or other. Maybe its pressing clothes, laundry etc. and personal items have been known to be lost when staying at hotels.

Jack Doyle founder of DC Corporate housing has plenty to say about the benefits of corporate housing. For example, a typical temporary corporate housing lease is only 30 days whereas you would be lucky to rent an apartment without signing a six-month lease. So, from a corporate point of view this is ideal. What’s more, DCC corporate housing can meet you on arrival if you wish, show you around the apartment an explain a few things such as locks, keys etc. and can also arrange temporary insurance if required. In some cases, delicate instruments etc need careful looking after however, there is no need to take chances so additional local temporary insurance may be a good thing. Many corporates will insure your belongings as part of their group insurance policy.

Corporate housing takes care of most requirements from local telephone services to high speed wireless internet and digital cables. They are fully furnished with every conceivable gadget. A full range of kitchen utensils will make you home cooking a pleasure. You will find local amenities such as convenience stores or in some cases supermarkets are with easy walking range if required.

At the end of the day, there is a lot to be said for corporate housing compared to hotels.

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