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Turn To Tweeting For Holiday Help

Twitter may be the platform more closely associated with frivolous Tweets about celebrities but have you ever considered just how useful it could be if you are going on holiday.


Before you leave for your holiday destination set up a Twitter account, which takes just seconds to do, and then spend an hour or so of useful preparation time ‘following’ some key twitter accounts.

Foreign Office (@foreignoffice)

The Foreign Office is the department with information about leaving Britain and embarking upon a trip to another country. If you’re about to leave for a country that is in the midst of political upheaval, for example, then following the latest Tweets from @foreignoffice could be a matter of life or death.

The department updates not just on political situations but also on health alerts like an outbreak of cholera of swine flu. Check before you book your holiday so you are aware of any potential problems.

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Holiday Destinations

Twitter is a great way of finding out about what is going on at your favourite holiday destination – or choosing a new holiday hotspot. Following a Twitter feed for your holiday location can help you be aware of any local issues that may cause problems. But it can also tell you of some of the exciting events that are being planned in the country like festivals or carnivals.  Follow Tweeters like @Spain Holiday, @VisitChicago or @VisitHolland for example or other destination specific Twitter accounts.

Keep in Touch

If you are travelling with a package holiday company then make sure you are following their Twitter account because not only will they keep you updated on any change in plans from their end but you can have constant contact with them should you have the need to forward a complaint while on holiday. Many companies will find it is in their interest to sort your problems out within hours if you contact them through Twitter.  Take a look at a couple of examples such as @lastminute_com, @ThomasCookUk and then there are the flight companies such as @Monarch, @British_Airways and @easyJet.

Holiday Health

Lots of local health trusts in the UK are now on Twitter, so you can find out about vaccinations at your local surgery or Tweet about any health advice you need. @NHSChoicesTalk also Tweets about how to stay healthy while on holiday or abroad. And @NetDoctor is also useful with up-to-the minute health info.

Remaining healthy on holiday is one way to fend off sickness abroad. If you are ill on holiday, complain to your holiday rep and make sure they keep a record of your complaint. This will come in use when you complain directly to the tour operator when you return home.

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