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U.S. Entry Waiver And The Border Traveler

A U.S. entry waiver may be needed by some travelers. If there is any history of a criminal past with any of the travelers in a group, then a U.S. entry waiver may be needed. This entry pass will allow the individual to enter the United States. A pass is needed, after there has been any problem with an arrest or a criminal conviction. Traveling without an entry waiver, may result in the border agents stopping this member of a group. Gaining an entry waiver is possible through an application with INS or other service providers. The US Waiver application may take from five to twelve months to complete. It is, also, possible to have a criminal record pardoned or destroyed. In this way, the traveler will not be stopped.

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New technology has allowed the border official to have access to all records, that have been placed in their system. This system is composed of the fingerprint numbers and the names and dates of birth, associated with these fingerprint numbers. If the traveler crosses a U.S. border and the FPS (fingerprint) number comes up as being associated with someone with a criminal record, then that person will be detained and then released, the first time. If this person is with a group of travelers, the entire group will be stopped. The border official will alert the person that a U.S. entry waiver is needed for the next trip across the border.


If the traveler has not gained the entry waiver documents and this is the second border crossing, then, more than likely, the person will be stopped. The second time without a entry waiver may be more of a problem for the traveler. There is a possibility of being stopped, but, also, there is a possibility that the individual’s belongings and automobile may be seized. Gaining property back, after such a seizure, may be very difficult.


Once the traveler has entered the U.S. without an entry waiver, the individual may actually be stopped again, for other reasons. If the person does not have an entry waiver status, then, a deportation may take place.


Flying into the U.S. without the proper entry waiver may cause the person’s airlines tickets to be voided. This could cause significant problems, and the passenger may face a dilemma. The person could be detained for a few hours, and, then, asked to leave the United States. Social media has alerted many travelers to the consequences of flying without the proper documentation, and how to avoid any passenger nightmares.


Since traveling without an entry waiver status may lead to significant consequences, the appropriate measure to take is to follow one of the two options below:

1. Obtain the us entry waiver, and begin this process at least five to twelve months ahead of the scheduled trip.

2. Apply to have the criminal record pardoned or destroyed, since this will eliminate this information from the traveler’s past history.

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