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Want to Protect your Home from Dampness?

Too much of moisture could damage the structure of your home and cause health issues in your family. Damp penetration is a widespread stipulation that can create extravaganza expenses to homeowners in repairs. Damp problems occur due to many reasons. The materials that are used in construction are permeable. It allows water to pass through walls. For example, bricks and stones. It contains salt that absorb the damp from the ground. It creates dampness on walls. Due to the reason, the internal plaster of your walls can be damaged or broken. Wall paints can get spoiled and fall off.

In order to overcome these issues, damp proofing treatment is essential. You may follow below mentioned techniques for damp proofing.

Protect Your Home

Silage diffusion

Silage diffusion is the popular damp proofing method that is used mostly. A concreted silage siloxane cream is placed in to mortar course to form a damp proof line in existing walls. This will protect your walls against dampness.

Keep damp areas dry and ventilated

Also people habitually make mistakes by painting over the water damaged spots on walls. Usually bathrooms and kitchens are wet locations. So try to keep them dry and ventilated. It helps to reduce dampness in these areas.

Install Damp Proofing Course

You can also use DPC. It is a permanent coating of damp proofing. You can remove a lien of bricks close to floor level and insert a plastic sheet by reinstating a waterproof mortar.

Leak proof

You can monitor penetration during the rainy season. If you have found any spaces between the ceiling and the roof, then you need to prevent leakage in these areas. You can fill these gaps and fix the joints of the pipes that are used to flow additional rainy water in the roof area. This assures leak proof.

Re-plaster damaged areas

Use a waterproof plaster or cement mixture to cover the affected areas. Also placing a water proof covering on the top of the floor surface would prevent dampness.

You may follow these tips to prevent your home against rising damp issues.

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