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What Are The Benefits Of Self Storage?

Whether you have moved into a smaller place, outgrown your current space or just can’t bear to part with certain sentimental items, you’ll have to find some way to store your stuff.  Self storage facilities are one solution that many people turn to for storing their belongings because they offer a host of benefits.


The convenience factor of self storage units is definitely one of the major benefits.  You have the option of choosing one close to where you live, you usually have the option of choosing from different sized rooms, you have the key to the unit and you can have access to your unit virtually anytime you like.

Compared to other forms of storage, renting a self storage unit is usually more cost effective, too.  You pay one reasonable monthly fee, and that’s that.  There are usually no hidden fees or other charges you need to worry about.

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Security is another benefit that users get out of renting a self storage unit.  You get to choose the lock or locks that keep the door to your unit secured, and many facilities use surveillance cameras to increase the security factor even more.  Many facilities also require you to enter a code on a keypad in order to get through the main gates to your unit.

Reputable self storage facilities also keep the units secure against mice and other rodents, and take steps to protect your valuables against moisture and cold.  In the end, your things are warm and dry and safe from any outside forces at all.


Using a self storage unit offers you a great deal of control over your own things and what you do with them.  You can go in and add or remove items as you like, without having to consult anyone or pay anymore than you already are.

This control factor works great for storing furniture and other items if you’re doing renovations at home or reorganizing a business or house.  You can just bring things in when you need to and take them back when you’re ready.

It’s also beneficial if you’re selling your home and you need to remove a bunch of things for showings.  Basically, a self storage unit can almost act as an extension of your home.  A place to keep things if you don’t quite have enough space or need to create extra space for some other reason.

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